How to Give a Perfect Elevator Pitch And Get Funded Immediately

How to Give a Perfect Elevator Pitch And Get Funded Immediately in Nigeria

You’re an entrepreneur who just provided a solution to a problem and currently looking at getting investors to fund your startup?

You want to get every investor that hears about your project to fund you almost immediately or lose out from investing in you?

Want to learn how to pitch your business?

If you fall into any of these categories, then, this article is for you.

In this article, you will be getting expert advice on how to pitch your business to investors from an entrepreneur who raised close to $1 million.

Caroline Cummings shares her pitch secrets, techniques, and tools in this free eBook, “How to Pitch and Get Funded.” Immediately.

If you’re ready to learn how to pitch your business to investors, but need some help figuring out how to build your pitch, then, you need to watch the brief video below from Bplans.

You should understand that

Elevator pitch is a simple phrase used to describe the little time given to startup founders to quickly explain their business to interested investors or potential clients.

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Brief of What you will learn from the Startup Elevator Pitch Video:

  • How to pitch your Business
  • How to deliver an elevator pitch

The primary purpose of every elevator pitch is to get funded and raise funds to start running your startup into a full-blown business.

In your startup pitch, you must be able to mention the following things in the shortest time.

7 Steps to Giving a Perfect Elevator Pitch in Nigeria

  1. You need to cover the Problem: You must point out or list out the problems on the ground that led you into birthing your startup in the first place. What is the daring desire, problems the environment is facing and then,
  2. The solution: Here, you must talk about the solution your startup provides and you must start with the best solution your product/service solves. How does your startup solve the problem you mentioned above? Don’t create a product that tries to solve too many problems at once.
  3. Talk About Your Target Market: Here, you must mention the people, demographics that your product is meant for. Who and who is your product meant for. How many people are in this audience/market you’re targeting and how much are they spending?
  4. Competition: Every business has competition and as such, you must mention all your potential competitors already existing in the market and how you intend to beat them. If you think you don’t have a competition, then you are just not thinking hard enough about this. Your competition can be direct or indirect depending.
  5. Your Team: Who are the people with you in this project? Have they done anything relating to such in the past?
  6. Financial Summary: what is the cost implication of your startup? How much does the investor need to put in and what are his returns? This is where many business plans fail because they use unrealistic figures and in the end have their business plans thrown away. So, while making an elevator pitch for your business to an investor for funding, you must provide simple and accurate financial values.
  7. Milestone: At the end of your Elevator pitch in Nigeria, you should be able to talks about your goals and when you intend to achieve them. Have you reached the milestones? Have you done anything or achieved any of the visions in your business plan? If you have, list them out.

Below is the Video for giving the best Elevator Pitch In Nigeria.


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There are certainly other components you can include in your pitch, but these seven are really the “must-have” pieces, whether it’s written down in a pitch deck presentation or literally delivered as a speech in an actual elevator. If I’ve missed anything that you think is critical to include, please let me know in the comments.

View This As an Infographic:


The 7 Key Components of a Perfect Elevator Pitch by @noahparsons from Palo Alto Software

Your elevator pitch must be clear, concise and compelling. You should be able to explain everything (7 points above) in 60 seconds. Remember, you don’t have all the time and as such, go straight to the point and cut all long stories.




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