5 Ways To Get People To Respect You As A Successful Entrepreneur


You must have heard the saying that you will be addressed the way you dress. Well this is even more pronounced in the business sector. People don’t want to do business with people that look bad and also hang around with the ne’er do wells.

Yes, you are successful but you also have to communicate it to the world. We have 5 trusted tips that will help you do just that.

  1. Find Your Style

Yes, I know one of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that you get to decide what you wear and when to wear it. Well use that to your advantage as an entrepreneur, find your style and exploit it.

Find what you are comfortable with and make it your signature look. It should however be good- be it jeans and polo, or just shirts or chinos trousers. Just make sure you always look good and neat. Always look good and smart. You don’t have to copy the style of other successful people around, just make yours.

  1. Speak Good English

Yes, English is not your mother tongue so you don’t have to have good command of it to prove your intelligence. But if you are a business owner with hopes of making it to Forbes list one day then you have to learn how to speak good English. Speak good English, the respect and awe does not have to end when you open your mouth…as a matter of fact it should increase when people hear you speak.

Why should you be bothered with English? Because your goal is to reach global recognition and that implies that your aim is to attract clients from all over the world and English is the global language.

You would also find yourself in situations where you have to address people, and people are always wowed by good command of English. So yes, learn how to speak good English.


  1. Roll With The Right People

We all know birds of a feather flock together, most times people build a reputation around you based on who they have seen you with.

Be sure to always be seen with the right people, people that are also of good repute and successful in their chosen fields.

  1. Attend The Right Social Events

Yes you can party, but it has to be the right parties. There are events that always have A-list people as the attendees. Find a way to attend such, not only for your reputation but also to make good contacts with the people that are the game players in the society.

Rather than attending parties where people get drunk and high and end up in fights, attend this high standard elite social events. And also award giving events, because that is where the successful people are. So if you want to look successful, party with the successful.

  1. Always Be Self Conscious

You need to always know that all eyes are on you where ever you are and hence you should always watch what you say or do.

Always comport yourself. Never be caught being uncouth in public places or being lousy.