The Best Way To Start A Profitable Toothpaste Production Business In Nigeria

The Best Way To Start A Profitable Toothpaste Production Business In Nigeria

Everybody uses kinds of toothpaste and the population of the country keeps increasing. We are nearly 200 million in Nigeria now. That’s very huge. That makes toothpaste a real business idea. You can take it and begin a profitable toothpaste production business in Nigeria.

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The history of toothpaste goes back to over 3,000 years ago, and different brands of toothpaste have continued to evolve over time. Before the nineteenth-century abrasives were used to clean the teeth but unfortunately, the needed results weren’t got and this left a vacuum.

These abrasives that were used by Egyptians and Chinese people turned out to be harsh toxic chemicals that were quite harmful because the main ingredients in the cleaning formulas then harmed the enamel of the teeth.

Today, lots of toothpaste brands exist in the country in particular and in the world at large. Dental care has become so important that nobody wants to be identified with a bad breath or mouth odour.

Since everybody wants healthy and clean teeth, the producers of toothpaste have always continued to smile to the bank.

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You can start your own profitable toothpaste production business in the country and become part of the many who smile to the bank. This article is structured to give you tips on how you can start a profitable toothpaste business. Read on and you won’t be disappointed

Tips On Starting A Toothpaste Production Company In Nigeria

  1. Research on the business

Knowing about toothpaste is different from understanding a profitable toothpaste production business. Therefore, you are expected to dedicate some time to research on the subject matter. Carry out an exhaustive research on the industry so as to be able to make up your mind that you can do this business.

The easiest place to get information is the internet. You can take advantage of the countless resources and E-books on the internet. You can also read books on toothpaste production and finally, conduct a feasibility study on the topic.

  1. Get Trained

You also have to undergo a certain level of training if you are going to have a profitable toothpaste production business. It is more like getting a practical experience for you after the theoretical research.

You get that knowledge in a university or a technical institute. A technical institute will be best though. This shows that you are up to learn a great deal of the technical processes needed for toothpaste manufacturing.

  1. Put up a business plan

A profitable toothpaste production business requires prudent planning when you want to start it. To do this, you need to write a comprehensive business plan. The business plan serves as a guide to your to your business. It guides you on the launching of the business, the running of the business and exit strategy.

The business plan is usually a detailed overview of the business, your mission and objectives, your target market, your competitors and marketing strategies, your unique selling proposition, your required startup capital and operation costs, your projected income for the first three years, your management summary, and your exit strategy.

  1. Get a location

To start your toothpaste production business, you need to rent a space for your production. You need somewhere away from homes because of the chemicals involved in the production.

Resultantly, you need to have a place that is befitting of the business. You should locate your factory in an industrial estate or in the suburbs of the town. However, you should make sure that the location of your business is in an accessible area; a place that is very easy to locate.

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  1. Get This Business Registered

The business has to be given a certain amount of legitimacy if you are going to succeed in it.  Therefore, go to the right authorities and get it registered.

For you to have a profitable toothpaste production business, you need to register the name of the company and also register the product name if possible. Get all the necessary licenses. You are ready to kick some ass bro.

  1. Purchase the Needed Equipment

You need instruments and equipment when starting your profitable toothpaste production business. It is part of the requisite preparations you need to go through. We will give a list of the equipment. They include: Tube body making machine BTZG-100C -1set,Injection Shoulder machine BTPI-200 -3sets, Sealing machine -BTSM-50 -1set, Filing &Sealing machine BTGF-50F -1set, Shoulder molds (8 or 12 or 16 cavity) -1set, Chiller machine-5p -1set, Tube body mold for BTZG-100C -1set, vacuum paste machine 700L -1set.

  1. Employ the Best Hands

A profitable toothpaste production business is a capital-intensive business. You will need to come prepared. You should be able to employ some of the experts available. Starting with experienced people gives you an edge over someone with inexperienced staff.

You can also mix experience and inexperienced to cut cost and expect the experienced staff to teach the inexperienced ones. Your success and failure will hinge on the kind of employees you hire. Better be careful with that.

  1. Determine Your Mode of Marketing

You see, there are already established brands but that should give you no worries at all. Take for instance, initially, Maclean and close-up were the established brands and they were almost untouchable. Fast-forward to 20117, Oral B and others have overtaken them.

Your brand can become the new deal with the right advertisement. Marketing is the most important aspect of the business. Get it right. Use both offline and online advertisement and you will be alright.

Whatever you decide, the fact remains that people have made it big and are making it big in this industry. The only thing I can assure you is that you can start a very profitable toothpaste production business in Nigeria and be a very big success if you follow the tips we have given you and any other thing you come across.

See you at the top if you choose to go there. Don’t forget to share.