SumoBank: How To Maximize This Platform To Save And Invest Money Wisely

SumoBank: How To Maximize This Platform To Save And Invest Money Wisely

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You will agree with me that it is not always easy to save and invest money for good returns, especially in our Nigerian system. Oftentimes I hear people, mostly Nigerian youths talk about their great business ideas without the capital to initiate the any of them. So, I have been doing some research on how you can raise that amount needed to start that your business. As an intending entrepreneur or business owner, you need to stop depending on anyone for capital and start thinking on raising your capital yourself.

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Helping you raise that needed capital for your business or project is exactly what Sumobank is here to do for you. Your ability to save and invest money wisely can make all the difference in your financial life, especially when sumobank has got your back. You may be asking why am talking about sumobank when there are other savings and investments platforms like Cowrywise, Piggyvest, etc. Well, you will see the reason in the course of this article and I know you are definitely going to agree as well.

How Sumobank Will Help You Save And Invest Money Wisely In Nigeria

With the way people are losing their money to fraudsters and internet scammers, everyone is very careful on the kind of venture they put their money into. There are such questions as:

  • How to locate where to invest money in Nigeria
  • Tips on how to invest your money wisely in Nigeria
  • How to identify financial investment opportunities in Nigeria
  • The high yield investment in Nigeria that is trusted
  • Good investment with monthly returns in Nigeria and how to identify them
  • Short term investments in Nigeria with high returns

For the fact that sumobank is a legal business entity that has been registered under the Nigerian law, you can carry out your business transactions with them without the fear of losing your money in the process.  Sumobank has many features that will go a long way to help you save and invest money wisely in Nigeria. Before I delve into the sumobank features, you need to know the sumobank team has made it easy for you to save and invest money without stress.

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For starters, Sumobank gives out a whopping 10-15% interest to all those that are saving on the platform. They have made it in such a way that you can save as little as #100 daily, weekly, or even on monthly basis. You can imagine as a student, you are able to put away #100 every day for the number of years you would have to be an undergraduate. I will allow you to do the math of the amount of money you can save even as a student. You can use that money to kick start a good business venture once you are out of school while your colleagues might be busy going from one office to another in search of jobs.

Sumobank Tools And How They Will Help You Save And Invest Money Wisely

So, let us look into these Sumobank features and how you stand to benefit from then, either directly or indirectly. This is where you need to pay very good attention so as to understand how to use these features effectively and efficiently.

  • The Sumobank AutoSave Feature

The AutoSave feature on sumobank allows you to save and invest money seamlessly and without stress. The only thing you have to do s log onto your sumobank account and set auto-debits from your debit card to your sumobank account. This AutoSave automatically debits your traditional bank account and credits the money directly into your sumobank main savings account, mission savings account, or fixed/investment account depending on the one you selected.

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You can set the AutoSave in such a way that your sumobank account is credited on daily, weekly, or monthly basis at an exact time interval. This feature saves you the stress of having to log onto your sumobank account every time you need to make a deposit.

  • Sumobank InstantSave Feature

In order to ensure everyone partakes in this largess, Sumobank team also made arrangements for those that don’t have a steady inflow of income. If you belong to this group, all you have to do is to login to your sumobank account and deposit the amount of money at your disposal. The InstantSave also helps the person that has set up the AutoSave incase he/she missed a day or two as a result of lack of money the bank account.

If you are such a person, you can make use of the InstantSave to ensure you meet up with your savings target. I believe you are beginning to see reasons why I said earlier that Sumobank is your best pick when it comes to places to save and invest money wisely in Nigeria.

  • Sumobank Affiliate Program

This is an avenue for you to make money outside your savings on the Sumobank platform. All you have to do is to get someone to register using your referral link. For everyone and anyone that successfully registers and saves up to #7, 500, Sumobank pays you #600. Imagine referring just 30 persons in a month; you have earned #18, 000. When you now refer about 100 people using your referral link, well let me allow you to do the math on that.

Immediately you register on the sumobank platform, go to the affiliate program and copy your link and then start marketing it.

  • The SumoPay Feature

Sumopay allows you to receive money from anyone anywhere around the world. Using your SumoPay link, you can receive money credited directly into your sumobank account without the stress of visiting any bank or likes. Incredible right?  You can learn how to use the SumoPay here.

I don’t want to think that you are yet to register on SumoBank, well let be assume its because you are haven’t heard of it. To create or open a Sumobank account, you can create your own account using this link


I believe that you have seen reasons why SumoBank is your best place to save and invest money for good returns. Stop postponing the day you will start saving and start today. One thing is   certain, you will be very you did. The solution to your startup capital challenge is SumoBank, start saving and investing for a purpose.





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