Sumobank Announces Its 25000 Naira Giveaway on August Salary Savings Challenge

Sumobank Announces Its 25000 Naira Giveaway on August Salary Savings Challenge

Sumobank, A top-ranking savings platform in Nigeria has announced a package that will make you smile this August if you win it. You can read about sumobank and how it works here.

The idea is to motivate you to improve your savings culture. Unfortunately, that is one part we are having issues with Nigeria who wants to delve into entrepreneurship. It doesn’t work. You need to save to invest and sumobank helps you with both which means you did be losing out on a wonderful opportunity if you are not already a user of this wonderful product.

a statement gotten from the website shows that the company is willing to encourage your saving culture by gifting 5 lucky winners 5000 naira each. That may not sound like a hefty amount of money but what do you have to lose. The money you saved remains your money and nobody will take it away from.

Read the full announcement below;

“As a platform devoted to helping you build wealth and knowing it’s pay week of August, we have created August Salary Savings Challenge to help you save a decent portion of your salary and stand a chance to win our August Salary Savings Bonus.

Join this challenge between August 21st – 31st, and stand a chance to win N5,000 worth of Airtime or Cash.

5 Winner will be selected.

To participate, Kindly:

  • Log into your account.
  • InstantSave N5000 or more.
  • Say something nice about us on Twitter or Instagram (This is Optional, not a winning factor).

5 lucky winners will be selected randomly and contacted via email on the 1st of September, whereN5000 will be credited to their Sumobank account or sent N5000 worth of airtime.

If you don’t have a Sumobank account Yet, Click Here to create your Free savings and investment account to enjoy 10-15% interest annually and other benefits”



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