10 Best iOS App(s) for Business In Nigeria

You work extremely hard running your business, you can also allow iOS app do some of the tasks for you. With the right iOS app, your iPhone or iPad can take your notes, and even balance the books. Each of this iOS app has their specific functions.iOS app for Nigeria business

10 iOS app(s) for business in Nigeria

  1. Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point

This is for office productivity. Don’t let these iOS app confuse you with the old, limited Office Mobile app. This was planned to let you edit your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on an iPhone or iPad. Instead, these are full-fledged mobile versions of Word, Excel, Power point.

This iOS app has advanced formatting and editing features, although they don’t have many options as the desktop attributes. They are beautifully designed and touch optimized, with big, easy-to-tap buttons. Unfortunately, they only work on iPad. iPhone users should stick to Apple’s own work suite (which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote).

  1. Outlook

This is the iOS app for email. It is packed with perks for commercial users, especially if you are using Outlook to manage inbox at your office. It fully combines with the Outlook calendar on a desktop. This makes it easy to send and accept seminar invitations via email and then obtain alerts when it’s time to meet. Your full calendar can be accessed right from the iOS app to review appointments and schedule new ones.

  1. OneNote

This iOS app is for note taking and it is a great choice for workers. It combines well with the desktop version of Microsoft Office. Everything is automatically synced across Microsoft’s cloud storage platform just with a tap. You can have access to your notes making use of the OneNote app on any desktop computer.

What makes this setup suitable is that OneNote comes pre-loaded on every Windows 10 system out there. The app is well-designed, balancing powerful features which have an easy-to-use interface.

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  1. One Drive

There are so many good cloud storage platforms. The IOS app allows you access your files on your iPhone and iPad from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. PC users don’t have to download any additional apps to get the system working. They just drag the files into the OneDrive folder on their PC and they’ll be backed automatically.

  1. Camcard

This is for managing contact and also helps in swapping business cards. It is still one of the best networking tools for entrepreneurs. The disadvantage is that cards are easy to lose, and putting contact information into your address book is time-consuming.

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This iOS app can automate the process. Just point your iPhone or iPad camera at a business card and snap a photo. It has a text-recognition software will extract key details like names, and contact information, and then update your address book automatically.

  1. Go to meeting

This is a solid video conferencing iOS app with options for business users. For beginners, the iOS app allows you organize virtual meetings. You can have up to 25 attendees joining remotely from just about any device that is Web-connected.

It has a built-in invitation system, which can also reorganize process of scheduling a meeting. It has features like speech recognition, so you can always know who’s speaking in a crowded meeting. Your screen can be shared with a few taps, which is great for remote presentations.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Your PC has everything you need for a productive day, including programs and files. A good remote iOS app can be a lifesaver in those situations. This works like a direct entry back to your desktop computer, letting you view your Windows desktop, and control Windows. Using this iOS app is as simple as installing a client app on your workstation of your mobile device.

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  1. Square Register

This iOS app allows you process customer payments using your iPhone or iPad. You can request to receive a credit card reader dongle in the mail once you sign up. The accessory has to be plugged into the headphone jack on your mobile device. Then swipe a credit card to accept a payment from anywhere.

Squares take a cut of each payment with all card processing. If your business doesn’t admit credit cards, you are losing out on business.

  1. Fresh Books

This is for accounting purposes. It has a solid cloud integration and an easy-to-use interface. The iOS app allows you record and trail the expenses and profits of your business. There’s extra functionality, like a feature to track the time spent on a project for easier invoice generation. It can help you file your taxes.

  1. Microsoft Teams

It offers a shared conversation space where you can share documents. It supports audio calls from mobile and video sources, as well as emojis and stickers and can implement various boots to help you get more work done.

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