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The Life-Changing Story of Desire With Oriflame: Read Till the End

My Friend desire is now a big shaa…

Living her life and even planning on making an expensive trip soon to Maldives for a vacation.


In this hard time in Nigeira? Someone is balling like she’s not in this country.

I remember her telling me early 2018 about how broke she was and used to collect some upkeep money from me that time…

She finished her NYSC in 2017 and there was no job and lost her dad in January 2018, my dear, you wouldn’t want me to start telling you stories in this article, afterall, that’s not what you’re here to read.

But it’s good you have a clue of where i’m coming from.

Desire was broke and many people were avoiding her including people she took as BLOOD because of her so many issues then which all boils down to not having money and got so many bills to fix.

Recently, it looked like she all over the town, doing big big things and living her dream life in less than 15 months after we last spoke, so, as a content writer and blogger that loves sharing insights and stories of others, i decided to reach out to her if she can give other people out there a clue of what’s on ground.

Well, me, i shaa had to reach out to her to know how everything changed and the source of this this money cos something quick has really happened to my friend and even me seems to be left out.

Upon our call over the phone, she took her time to explain to be about ORIFLAME Network she joined last year and how she was able to build a strong team with little work.

She said she said yes to the following questions below as asked before she started the program.

  • would you like to look and feel great?
  • Would you life to make your first 1 million naira now?
  • would u like to make more money??an additional income to whatever you’re doing?
  • would you like to travel the world all expense paid?
  • would u like to have more time to spend with your family and friends..and as well make money while spending quality time with them?

I joined Oriflame and after since then, my life is no longer same and i’m willing to help any Nigerian out there struggling to make a living.

Click here to connect with me directly on WhatsApp.

The system offers you 3 unique opportunities once u register:

  1. looking good
  2. making money
  3. having fun

How Do You Look Good With Oriflame?

  • U look great with oriflame products by purchasing for your own use
  • Most people join oriflame just to buy what they use for themselves and still get paid
  • The products are 100% organic which means it’s friendly to the skin
  • They don’t bleach but can only work on your God given color making it glow

Now when u buy these organic products for use..they make u look good and so doing,u are enjoying the first opportunity

Remember,you are being paid for using those products

Here I used to ask,has Oral B or Nivea ever sent u a message to thank u for buying a product?? NO

But here u buy and look fabulous with the products and they still pay you.

Now the company tells you this

  • “Shop with us your daily use products and get paid at the end of the month for buying”
  • “Shop and sell and make 30% profit on each sold product and still get paid at the end of the month for buying”
  • “Invite your friends too to shop and still get paid too for bringing them to buy”

Isn’t that amazing??

What is Oriflame business

Oriflame is a leading beauty company selling directly in more than 60 countries, oriflame cosmetics currently claims to be market leader in most countries. It originated from Sweden with its corporate offices in Switzerland. They offer complete range of top-quality beauty products in cosmetics.

Now, let’s talk about

How To Make Money With Oriflame 2019

This brings me to the question of  Can you make money with Oriflame?

The answer is Yes! you can.

As an Oriflame consultant, you make money in two broad ways.

  • The first way of making money with Oriflame is by selling the products. You can show our catalog to your family members, your friends, your neighbor, your workmate, schoolmate, church  members etc

If they show interest in the products you take their order, and they will you the catalog price.

There is a price on every product in the catalog. This is called Catalog Price

On the catalog price you as a consultant will get 23% discount buying from Oriflame

That means when you sell this product you are making 30% Profit on the order!

If you can sell a lot of products you can make a lot of money

  • Another way of making money  with Oriflame is by inviting others to join you in the business.

Now, this is the best option i went with since i didn’t have enough capital to start off as at then… I invited lots of people to join my team and most of them are doing well. Infact, my team is the best of all i know and i know you would love to be in my team…

Well, you’re welcome.. Please call my Number 07034232124 or reach out to me on WhatsApp.

I will be willing to help and add you to my HOT TEAM.

You can Click on this link to be taken to my WhatsApp immediately.


  • As you are inviting people, and those you invite are inviting others you are going to have a team
  • Oriflame system takes record of all the products bought by each consultant
  • So at the end of the month, you will earn a percentage from everyone you invited and those they invited

This is where you can make a lot of residual income.

You earn in the range of 3%, 6%, 12%, 15%, 18% and 21% from their total order

It’s your total Bonus Point and that of your team that will eventually determine how much you will earn

Let me add at this point that each product in Oriflame has bonus point

Bonus Point (BP)… The higher the price of a product the higher the bonus point

Click on the WhatsApp button below to reach out to me right away.


1 Bonus Point = N150

10 Bonus Points = N1,500

50 Bonus Points = N7500

100 Bonus Points = N19,000

200 Bonus Points = N40,000

300 Bonus Points  = N65,000

In Oriflame, u decide what u earn

If u want to earn in million, it’s your decision

If u want to earn in little change, it’s in your hands

They only tell u, partner with us and we help u achieve your dreams

They say your dream is their inspiration

If u succeed, Help others too to succeed and u will be made in life (for helping people)

And trust me, those in my team are winning big time.

If you need anything, you can call me on 07034232124 or reach out to me on whatsapp.


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