The Amazing Oppo Find X2 Pro Smartphone; A Review Of Its Features

The Amazing Oppo Find X2 Pro Smartphone; A Review Of Its Features

oppo find X2 Pro

A lot of individuals now find it absurd paying much for phones whose names are not being heard often. Buying the amazing Oppo Find X2 Pro is one choice that you cannot end up regretting, considering its features.

It happens that the Oppo X2 pro is one of the exquisite phones Oppo has ever made. The phone comes in brilliant bold color and still costs €300 less than the nearest spec version of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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The issue why a lot of people are not buying this phone is as a result of its name not being as popular as the iPhone and Samsung phones, but it happens that both the iPhone 11 pro, Samsung top-end phones, and Oppo Find X2 Pro are all playing on the same league.

Since the Oppo  Find X2 uses the combination of an extreme and tasty power 120Hz, the refresh rate will surely place the Oppo Find X2 pro as the fastest phone Android phone you have dreamt of using.

The Oppo Find X2 pro gadget uses the custom UI software, which is quite different from the androids of pixel 4 XL. The same is for every other high android phone.

When it comes to the performance of this phone, it is unbeatable among other Android competitions of early 2020 as it is backed up by Qualcomm’s highest snapdragon 865 central processing unit(CPU) and a mind-blowing 12GB RAM. The phone has posed to be a monster especially as it has 512GB storage.

It is amazing to note that the Oppo find X2 Pro scores 12984 points, which is 4248 per core in the geek bench4 and 3209 points which is 901 per core in Geekbench 5. this simply points to the fact that every other android with anything, lower than the Snapdragon 865, has been beaten by hands down. The only phone which seems to still be in competition happens to be the iPhone 11 series which has a slightly stronger CPU power.

The Camera: A Three-Eyed Powerful Grabber

The Oppo Find X2 Pro has a camera that is so powerful and its arrays have topped the iPhones at least just one way.

The gadget has a periscope zoom the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Huawei P30 Pro. The gadget uses mirrors to bend over effectively her camera lens which wouldn’t fit in a phone’s body if not bent.

This amazing feature makes its camera to be so fun-filled, presenting it as the best to be used to date.

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Should you want to capture a picture of a cute looking cat halfway across the park, there is good 10x and 5X zoom modes just at your fingertips which you could use to drag the object to the best state then capture.

oppo Find X2 Pro

Again the camera of this phone has an outstanding feature called the macro modes. This is inbuilt into the phone and it works in such a way that upon getting very close to your object, the cameras automatically switch to it using the wide camera in place of the standard normal one.

The result of snapping with this is usually great, just like that of the Huawei P30 Pro which is the authentic master of macro in phones. the wide camera has the ability to focus much closer than others. All that is needed to do is spending just a few seconds to get the focus exact as up close, note that the depth of field is usually shallow.

The impossible has also been fixed by this flagship product. Shooting right into the cloud and getting usable shots in clear form irrespective of the sun’s light is also made possible.

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For the back camera, the three lenses have 48MP, 13MP, and 48 MP while the Selfie camera has a 32MP camera quality. This simply means that your dream to have pictures as clear as daylight is actually at your fingertips.


The device also has a video stabilization ability too. The Oppo find X2 pro has an ultra steady mode and an advanced level of smoothing that is similar to the go pro Hero 8 black phone in as much as there are compromises.

While using the Standard Ultra Steady, you are limited to a 1080 capture. With the Oppo find X2 pro, you can go up to an “Ultra Steady Pro”. here the phone switches from the normal camera to the ultra-wide camera to give you the perfect and softer looking videos.

The Find X2 Pro still stands strong for travel stills, considering that the 5x zoom is loaded with only a 13MP sensor, it still takes solid pictures at a magnified state.

On the issue of brightness, the camera make some kind of scenes look so bright. The night mode too is very beautiful and works perfectly at at 1X magnification.

The Oppo Find X2 also has the best portrait mode, which artificially and perfectly blurs out the background making sure that the reality isn’t too evident.

Battery Life

The Oppo Find X2 Pro has a 4,260mAh battery capacity, yet this device cranks out a couple of ultra-high capacity phone. The phone has the ability to work extremely for 24 hours yet takes only 38 minutes to get filled.

The phone is a pocket friendly phone which allows you to move around freely while carrying the device with you.

The Oppo also offers you a supper fast wired charging instead of going through the stress and rigors of wireless charging.

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The provisioned 60W charger takes the Oppo Find X2 from an empty battery to a fully charged battery all in 38 minutes. To get a 50% charge the phone takes about 15 minutes to pull through.

To accomplish the fast charging deal, the charger brick comes in a size that is a little larger than normal.

Screen Size

The screen is about 6.7 inches, 1440×3168, it also has a 120Hz AMOLED that makes its graphics appear in clear and sizeable forms


The chip used on the Oppo Find X2 is the snapdragon 865 which makes it swift to respond.

Memory And Storage

The device bags 512GB storage and has a memory of 12GB RAM. This gives it all the necessary speed it needs to process every single task placed on it.


The Oppo Find x2 is pegged at £1,099. this simply shows you that in as much as this device has so many high and outstanding qualities, it is still affordable to those who wish to possess such luxury.




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