10 Super Fun Christmas Games To Play During Christmas | Enjoyment Galore

10 Super Fun Christmas Games To Play During Christmas | Enjoyment Galore

Are you in need of a little glamour to elevate your Christmas Eve? If yes, here are some of the great and super fun Christmas games for you and your family or friends. There are times for the opening of the gifts, enjoying the Christmas meal, and then cleaning up after that. After the desert has been served, it becomes very challenging to figure out the best way to entertain everyone for the rest of the day.

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There is no doubt about the numerous Christmas movies you guys can watch and I know that no one wants to listen to the same old story by grandma. The solution is these super fun Christmas games to engage family and friends to light up the atmosphere for the occasion. In this post, we have helped you to draft out super fun Christmas games to spice up the season for you and your family.

Our listed family games for families can also suffice for funny Christmas party games that will get everybody loving you as the organizer. So, if you want to make your Christmas party a memorable one, then you have got to pay attention to these games here. The good thing about the games is that they are G-Rated and entirely family-friendly.

So, when searching for those Christmas games for kids, funny Christmas party games, as well as Christmas games for families; this post has got you covered.

Your 10 Super Fun Christmas Games

  • Ornament Guess

Fun Christmas games

If you are looking for Christmas games for families, then this ornament guess is a good way to start. This fun Christmas game involves getting your guest to guess the number of ornaments that can be found on your Christmas tree. You can get your guests to partake in this game as they walk into the party hall. Ensure to have a good prize for the winner, let’s say a larger share of the Christmas cake (laughing). Well, you can decide to present an ornament as the gift to be won.

  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Fun Christmas Games

This is indeed a super fun Christmas game that can get every member of your family all cranked up and laughing all through. All you have to do is come up with a list of items commonly found in and around the house during Christmas and send your family members off on an entertaining scavenger hunt.

  • The Christmas Movie Trivia

Fun Christmas Games

This is another one of the super fun Christmas games that will certainly heat up the atmosphere with laughter. You start by printing out some questions about your favorite Christmas movies. Then, you split your guests into teams to test your knowledge of the classics like a Christmas story, Christmas vacation, etc.

  • Marshmallow Stack

Fun Christmas Games

In this game, you get to pick up some bags of marshmallows and also place a coaster in the middle of your table. Each of your guests or family members takes a turn to place a marshmallow on the coaster until they have to start stacking them when the stack of marshmallows falls, that individual loses.

  • Christmas Guess Who

Fun Christmas Games

This is one of the very funny Christmas party games that will keep your guests occupied and laughing all through. It is a good way to get your guests to relax and know more about each other. You guys will come up with a description of someone amongst the guest while requiring another person to find the person that fits the description.

  • Christmas Charades

Fun Christmas games

In this game, your family members or guests are required to physically act out Christmas-themed phrases, titles of Christmas movies or songs, and characters like Santa Claus without uttering a word. It is always an entertaining party to spice up your Christmas party and making it worth your while.

  • Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

fun Christmas games

Here, you will have to engage your guests and family to tackle this Christmas puzzle game. It is a 1,000-piece holiday puzzle with images that feature Santa Claus checking his list. The Christmas game creates a great bonding activity for kids and their grandparents who can share their love of puzzling with the little kids.

  • Cookie Decorating Contest

Fun Christmas games

You can convert your Christmas holiday baking chores into a game for your whole family by adding small competition to the mix. The idea is to find who can make the best decorations and the winner gets a prize in the end. You can decide to give a bonus by allowing everyone to eat their cookies in the end. Either way, everyone wins.

  • Christmas Cup Tower Game

Fun Christmas Games

Another one of the super fun Christmas games to always look forward to is this Christmas cup tower game. All that is needed are green plastic cups and optional decorations. You can challenge your family members or guests to stack the cup high enough to look like a Christmas tree. The fun is watching people striving not to topple the entire enterprise. This game is very fun and engaging as people employ their creative ability to build the cup in the form of a Christmas tree.

  • Christmas Monopoly

Fun Christmas Games

This particular game really needs an introduction and neither does its holiday version. You can teach the younger kids how to play this very iconic board game and also get the adults involved as well. For the fact that monopoly takes a while makes it an ideal game for the holiday period and season.


There are many super fun Christmas games that you can use to enjoy your Christmas season. We have only listed quite a few in this post for you. As Christmas approaches, the use of these games to relax with your family and friends.

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