10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Nigeria

There are many ways you can use to increase your Facebook page likes in Nigeria which will directly increase engagement with your audience whether you sell a product or a service or issue information to the public. Our sure 10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Nigeria is here to guide you al the way.

Facebook have been proved to be perfect for business. Regardless of what business or businesses you’re into, Facebook have been tested and proved to be a wonderful marketing tool just like many other online marketing platforms. It’s multi-choice and strategic!

Facebook pages gather fans (if You’re a celebrity) and customers (for entrepreneurs). Facebook pages have also afforded writers in Nigeria (like we) and news agencies opportunities and possibilities for reaching triple wider coverage with their articles and news. For this and other reasons, I think it is of much importance and great value for you as a commercial Facebook user to know just how to increase or boost your Facebook page likes in Nigeria.

10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Nigeria

10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Nigeria

10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes in Nigeria

1. Regular updates

When you own a Facebook page, regularly updating it with relevant and interesting materials is very very necessary. It depicts consistency and seriousness, it also creates awareness. For instance if you’re a designer, when you regularly update your Facebook page in Nigeria with your materials perhaps different types and new ones (remember it goes public) someone who is used to seeing such displays often might get interested and choose to like the page for easier access to such regular updates, remember people are impressed by “what they see”. Those fancy and catchy clothes would for sure catch their eyes and they can’t wait to see more thereby making them click the like button to stay tuned. Please note that IMAGES are very very effective for conveying thoughts and information!

2. Facebook ads

In the settings aspect of Facebook there’s an option for paid ads. With paid ads, you pay Facebook some little amount of money to advertise or publicize your page, usually for a given duration and you pay through your credit or master card. Paid ads are very important because, you define a target audience and you reach millions if not billions of Facebook users worldwide at the same time depending on what budget you choose to go with as there are varying available budgets for this option. Facebook ads are swift and the most productive means of promoting your page for more likes.

3. Facebook group shares

Facebook groups abound, there are thousands if not millions of Facebook groups available. Most have defined areas of interest so it’s impossible to know all of them due to their vastness. Some have as much as 100,000 members while some could be as little as 1000 members. As a matter of fact, there was a Facebook group I noticed with 125,000 members and there are still more with larger members. One way of getting more likes for your Facebook page is by sharing some of your “page posts” or “page details” to a couple of these groups. If you share an impressive post or piece to a group of about 1000 members, You can imagine the results, at least 5 likes everyday gives you 500 likes in 100 days and it’s free!  No one charges you for sharing your posts to Facebook groups!

4. Facebook friend invites

Friends should be an active part of your business, that’s if your business is genuine and Facebook friends shouldn’t be exempted as well. A typical Facebook account has a friend limit of 5,000. That’s to say you can no longer accept friend requests from people when you’ve reached 5,000 friends on Facebook. Assuming you have 2,000 friends on Facebook already, can you imagine getting 2,000 more likes on  your Facebook page with this? It’s easy! On your Facebook page, there’s an option for inviting friends to like your page. Use it to invite friends as much as possible to like your page. Granted, not all of them would respond to the invite but consistency would surely yield the needed results. You can invite them over and over again and you may have to regularly do this especially if you sense you receive and accept friend requests every week or multiple times a week.

5. Facebook wall share

Try as you may, some Facebook friends could be as stubborn as hell by refusing to accept your invites to like your page. Perhaps this is because they are not convinced on just why they should like your page, this is where you have to take it to another level by sharing logically and perceptional interesting posts and stuffs from your Facebook page to your actual Facebook account. When this is repeated severally with impressive stuffs, “out of will” some of your Facebook friends would click the like button just to be at a vintage point of receiving updates, thereby increasing your page likes!

6. Twitter sharing

Twitter is also another booming social media outlet. Twitter handles are of similar importance as Facebook pages, granted there are differences. Sharing your Facebook page links on twitter or tagging your page along to public posts you make on twitter is also another active way of promoting it for more likes. Consistency is still necessary. And the basic truth of the whole thing is sharing the links along with relevant (relating to what people are likely to be interested in) matters and in an impressive sense. If you have 1000 active followers on twitter, by sharing your Facebook page links on your handle, you can actually get a reasonable number of them to like your page with that simple gesture. So try out the twitter shares and see how it goes. Remember to include “Activities or Happenings” on your page from your page to this outlet. People want to know more about them so they follow the links.

7. Web redirection

Sometimes, you might need the services of commercial websites like naijaloded and the likes to promote your business or activities. You might have to include your Facebook page address as a link to the articles you submit to them (if allowed). That way, interested persons can actually find you on Facebook to like your page for further benefits. This is suggested for Public or commercial blogs.

8. Whatsapp group share

Whatsapp has already gone popular and needn’t much or further buttressing. Everyone knows whatsapp but my point of emphasis now are Whatsapp chat groups. Depending on what your areas of specifications are, you might need to share information to these groups half-mannered while attaching a direct link of your Facebook page to this and that logically explains to everyone reading that to click or follow the link for more infos. A reasonable few would follow up as long as you’re sharing relevant information.

9. Facebook plugins

Placing “Like buttons” on your blog is sure a nice way of getting feedback actions and further post shares from readers or blog visitors on a private blog but if you’re looking out to increase your page likes with this, it’s a big flop, it wouldn’t get you to your destination. Placing Facebook plugins at a strategic location on your blog or website is a sure way of attracting attention of readers or visitors to your page with the “follow us on Facebook” tags attached to such plugins. So try out placing Facebook plugins on your private blogs.

10. Comment box

Comment on other pages. Endure to drop thought-provoking comments under posts from other pages and remember to do so using your Facebook page id. That way, people would like to check out who dropped that or even want to send out friend requests, that way when they get to you they’ll realize it’s a page and sure they’ll use the like button as the next and only available means of getting closer to the “wanted”!

You’re most certain to get results if you carefully apply these methods!



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