Age Long Branding Techniques That You Can Find Helpful In Today’s Business World In Nigeria

Age Long Branding Techniques That You Can Find Helpful In Today’s Business World In Nigeria

There are great numbers of age long branding techniques that you can find helpful in today’s business. I have been writing on brand for a while now, you really need to pay very good attention in order to improve and elevate your business.

Things are really moving very fast in our today’s world, all thanks to technological advancements.

No matter how fast our world is moving at the moment, there are still age long branding technique that we can still find very useful in improving and building our business empire.

No doubt you need to adapt your branding methods to move along with the fast-changing business terrain in Nigeria, but these age long branding methods still hold sway even today.

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When you marry them with the 21st-century techniques, it can give you the extra edge over your competitors in your business line.

I will be highlighting some of these old-school branding techniques that have what it takes to help you get closer to your customers.

Age Long Branding Techniques That You Can Find Helpful In Today’s Business World


  1. Use of business cards

Text messages and emails have made business cards to look outdated and old-school, but you should not view it in that light.

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Instead of sending texts and emails to people in order to explain your product and services, you can simply hand that person your business card that contains all the needed information about your business. No matter what people may think, business cards are still as relevant as ever because it totally represents you and your business.

  1. Speaking at public events

This is also one of much age long branding techniques that you can find helpful in today’s business.

When you speak at public events, you give people first-hand information about your company’s products and services.

Your company can organize a social event or you can also apply to speak at these events.

You never fail to make a lasting impression on the people regarding your brand and products.

  1. Make sure to have publications


Publications like testimonials reviews are still ever relevant to a very good branding technique. Though old school, the essence is always achieved.

Many customers still consult testimonials and reviews before they can make any transactions with any company.

You can ask your already existing customers for their testimonial about your product and services, and then you can always publish them on your company’s website so that it can be accessed by potential clients.

  1. Engage in community development projects

This is also a very relevant old-school branding strategy. By sponsoring these community projects, you automatically engrave your brand in the mind and heart of the inhabitants of such communities.

These inhabitants will then become agents of advertisement for your company.

What better ways to get the people to stand with you than helping them improve their standard of living through these projects?  

  1. Redesigning your brand

It may seem quiet tasking and very challenging to redesign what you have been known with. The saying that change is the only constant thing in life applies in this context.

You should be very observant to know when your current brand is outdated so that it can be redesigned to better suit the current vision of the company and the yearnings of the customers. There are times that one can judge a book by its cover, such applies here with brands.

  1. Trade fairs

Your company should organize trade fairs if they can, or if not, they should as a matter of importance always go to the one organized by the government or other agencies.

These trade fairs avail the company to exhibit their product and services to the customers. It is old but effective branding technique.

This age-long branding techniques that you can find helpful in today’s business world goes beyond the list that you see here, but you can start with the ones here.





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