3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Identity Using Content Marketing In Nigeria

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand Identity Using Content Marketing In Nigeria

There are many ways to strengthen your brand identity in Nigeria. For the purpose of this article, we shall be dwelling more on how you can use content marketing to strengthen your brand identity in Nigeria.

Content marketing is the method of passing the “no-logo test”.  Can your product (content) stand out of the competition without the help of company names and logos?

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Your content must be able to bring your brand to life in Nigeria. Content marketing creates a very distinct and unique perspective that is very beneficial to your target audience.

Whether small or multinational corporations, the ones that create contents (products) that reflect their brand’s unique personality are the ones that have the best content strategy.

Branded contents engage your customers and clients more because it is informative, entertaining and interactive.

If your content cannot pass the “no logo” test, then it is just another one of those contents that flood the target audience.

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Therefore, to bring your brand identity to a great height, you must utilize these three approaches outlined below.

Ways To Strengthen Your Brand Identity In Nigeria Using Content Marketing

strengthen your brand identity

  1. Vision

Your organization must have a vision and mission statement. You must be able to link the content you are creating with this vision.

The vision must also be aligned with the customer’s needs.

All your branded contents must apply your company’s unique approach to the problems that the customers are facing in Nigeria.

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Your ability to strengthen your brand identity in Nigeria using content marketing greatly relies on aligning your vision to the need of the customers and also linking the created content to this vision.

  1. Brand voice

    strengthen your brand identity


In content marketing, a unique and unwavering brand voice is essential to being successful.

You must make sure that you are not the only one in your company that has a clear idea of the brand voice.

Everybody in your company must be very familiar with your brand voice. Just like people, brands also need to have certain traits in order to build a very strong reputation in Nigeria.

An inconsistent and very scattered voice can get your customers confused very easily. You must be able to strike a balance between accessibility and professionalism.

You must try as much as possible to use a very concise, clear language that avoids technical jargons.

In order to strengthen your brand identity in Nigeria, your brand voice must be very clear and understandable.

  1. Value

Branded contents not only define the vision, it also reminds your customers of your valuable products.

You must create a content that will make the existing customers have maximum utility in your products.

Your brand content must be able to deliver real value to the customers.

You should consider sending branded contents to your customers, explaining to them how they can use your products to solve their problems.

The customers must be able to see firsthand, the value in patronizing your products.

Content marketing is really very important if you wish to strengthen your brand identity in Nigeria.

It can only be possible if your content is aligned with your brand vision, value, and voice. This is to make sure that your content is relevant and worthy of an investment in the future.




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