Introducing Motute – The MarketPlace of Digital Education and Skill Acquisition

We want to Help The Educational System by Raising More Entrepreneurs and Leaders Using Mobile Institute 

Hurray! It is our 3rd year anniversary and we are happy to have reached over 3 million people globally helping them grow and make better enterprise decisions.

While we grew, we had more cause to dream even bigger where we then decided to become a startup that serves a global market with various products to serve our audience.

So, to make this possible, we rebranded and changed our name from Entrepreneur Nigeria to Entrepreneur Platform with a new website domain ad

With this new move, We launched Entorm Opportunities, where we write about the latest grants, contests, jobs, scholarships and opportunities for entrepreneurs which have helped over 200 people directly impacted.

To whom much is given, much is expected and as a way of following our core value, we’re even committed to building more sophisticated features on Entorm and will continue to announce them as product updates.

While we are committed to doing what we are doing, we must admit that the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic earlier this year led to the crippling of many businesses and loss of jobs for workers. The lockdown that ensued as a result of the pandemic adversely affected even the best economies in the world. It was evident that something needed to be done, especially with the rising global rate of unemployment.

Here at Entrepreneur Platform, we started to think about how we can help people across the world generate income right there in the comfort of their homes teaching what they know and helping others learn a skill. We understood that everyone is a master in at least a particular thing.

So we thought, why not create an avenue where people can teach and learn new skills and crafts seamlessly.

Today, we’re Introducing MOTUTE (Name curled from Mobile Institute):

motute homepage

What Is Mobile Institute (Motute)?

Motute is an online teaching and learning marketplace that connects quality teachers (instructors) from around the globe to individuals and organizations.

If you are looking to acquire knowledge and skills to build your career and attain financial independence, learning the skill is the very first thing to do and that was why Motute was created.

You can learn anything from anyone at your own comfort and timing.

Motute is the brainchild of the Entrepreneur Platform (Entorm) and SumoTrust.

We believe that quality education is the backbone of every society and also the best way to transform our community for the better.

Motute was created to help content creators and instructors to earn passive income from their work without any technical skill. On the other hand, individuals and organizations are also provided the opportunity to learn new skills and expand their knowledge to improve their careers.

With Motute, you can be in Singapore and learn directly from an instructor in New Zealand. Teaching, learning, and earning just got better with Motute.

How Motute Works 

Motute is simple and easy to use for both instructors and students (learners). As an instructor, all you have to do is log in with your Motute account and upload the courses you have prepared for your students.

What does this mean for a brand, teacher,and freelance coach?

Add course on motute

As a brand, freelancer, instructor, etc; you can

  • Move all your online courses and teachings to Motute and allow us to handle all the technicalities, logistics and cost of having your online school for you. All you need to do is move everything to and your students will get to enjoy even seamless and easy access to your courses. After this phase, you can leave every other thing and focus on improving existing and creating more courses to increase your source of passive income from your knowledge.
  • Through our organic reach, we will send more and new students who will buy your courses which saves you advertising and marketing cost.
  • Add and upload as many courses as possible
  • Decide the pricing of your contents or courses.
  • Choose if you want your course to be visible on our Affiliate network.

However, it must be in line with our pricing and promotion policy. Although Motute will engage in the promotion of approved courses, we however do not own the right to third party (instructor’s) courses.

What Motute Holds for You as a Student, Savvy and Learner

motute course description page

  • If you’re looking forward to learning anything, Motute is your go-to place and there will be tons of courses on different topics from different Instructors you can choose to learn from by buying their courses.
  • You can also access some FREE courses from authors who want to give even more value to their students.
  • You can take assignments from your courses.
  • Get certified from your author at the end of your online training which is available to Verified authors (Brand and registered businesses and schools).
  • Enjoy unlimited opportunity to learn anything from anywhere.
  • when you enroll for a course, Motute offers you a license to view the course through the Motute Services and no other use. Motute does not allow learners or students to resell or transfer courses in any way.
  • Give us your basic data (name, phone number, email, picture) which are used to personalize your experience on Entorm.

How SumoTrust Has Made Motute Cheaper for Students

While we thrive to make resources available for Entrepreneurs, we’re also looking at the cost of these resources.

With a minimum balance of $140 (NGN50,000) saved in your SumoTrust account, you get to enjoy a 4-7% discount on any course on Motute.

This means as an active saver on SumoTrust, you can access any course on Motute at a discount rate and never pay the original price for any course.

For every course you get a discount for on Motute, SumoTrust pays for it. This is a way to encourage learning and growth for our Customers.

How You Can Get Started

To get started on Entorm Motute, you will need to create an account. There are two ways for you to create your Motute account. If you already have an account on SumoTrust, you can sign into Motute using your existing SumoTrust details. You can also create your account by registering directly on the Motute website instead of going through SumoTrust. To create your personal account on Motute, kindly visit motute

Thank you for being part of our amazing journey and Cheers to a brighter future together.



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