Food Business Ideas To Start Now In Nigeria

Today, I discuss with you five food business ideas that you can implement right now that are not so capital-intensive yet highly profitable. This might be the single guide that you need which can help you to attain financial freedom for the rest of the year going forward.

Food Business Ideas To Start Now In Nigeria

Food Business Ideas To Start Now In Nigeria

With the way things are going in the country presently, trust me, this might be the best time for you to start a business because there’s so much demand for food stuffs right now. Food business ideas are evergreen business ideas because foodstuffs are always in demand whether there is war, pandemic, happiness, sadness, anger, name them people need to eat to survive. If you can find yourself in the niche that has to do with food, trust me you will cash out big time.

(1) Food Production Business (Catfish)

Food production business ideas surround the production, raising, cultivation of foods. Let’s take animal husbandry for example and particularly focus on rearing Catfish. See friend, right now, catfish business is a big deal. A lot of people are now going for white meat especially fishes and Catfish is one of such in-demand source of animal protein these days. That is why so many people rush the product like hot Shawarma.

Sadly, a lot of people feel like they need a lot of capital to start catfish business but that’s not true because you can actually start the business small-scale and expand with the business. You don’t need a plot of land to raise a fish pond or raise hundred or thousand or Catfish for a start. No, you don’t need so much; you can start little with as low as N50, 000, go to the market and buy the fingerlings, buy their feed and feed them at least twice a day. Before you know it, they are fully grown and you sell to people around you. You can get a small space around where you live to raise the fish.

This technique applies to other small-scale agribusinesses be it rabbit, snails or whatever animal that you want to rear. Foodstuffs are now very expensive. So, you should consider raising some locally demanded animal foodstuffs and you will be smiling to the bank in no time.

(2) Food Distribution Business (Sales of Ofada Rice)

Another lucrative food business idea that you can jump on right now is food distribution business and I will use the distribution and sale of Ofada rice business as an example. Ofada rice business is a highly lucrative business but a lot of people don’t know.

So, how do you go about this business? It’s simple! Get a number of farmers who plant this rice and get them to supply to you at a very cheap rates. All you need to do is to repackage or rebrand and sell the product to those who need it. Trust me, the market for Ofada rice business is very huge as a lot of people are turning to locally made rice like Ofada rice following the scarcity and high cost of foreign rice in the country.

This Ofada rice business is a business that is profitable and a lot of people who started this business within the space of three months made a lot of profits from it. You can do this business too. The market is very large and largely unsaturated as of the time of writing this.

(3) Food Making and Sales Business (Restaurant Business, Fast-Food (Franchise) Business, Smoothies Shop)

Have you heard of home kitchen? Yes, home kitchen! Do you know that a lot of people right now are making a serious killing from this business right under your nose? Like the name implies, this has to do with making food at home and selling to people who need it. This can be anything from fries to sharwama.

It doesn’t cost much to do this business; at least you don’t need to get a shop, buy new utensils, hire staff, and pay for utilities. No, you don’t need to bear all that cost. All you need is right there in your kitchen. Use and help your life, financially. This works very well for people who like to cook. So, if you’re looking for one food business idea that you can to blend with your thirst for cooking, this is one thing that you can look into because it is highly lucrative and you’ll do it very well.

Bear in mind that this is just one of the many food making and sales business ideas. You can as well go into full-fletched restaurant business, fast-food (franchise) business, open a fresh fruits and wine shop, etc.

(4) Food Delivery Business (Food dispatch business)

Friend, there is so much money in food delivery business if you know what to do. The thing is that most people think the business is capital intensive. Well, to an extent, yes it could be a bit capital demanding because you’ll need to buy a motorcycle hire a rider to do the delivery for you. But wait how about you do the delivery yourself? That way, you save some money that you’d have paid the dispatch rider to make the delivery for you. Sounds smart right?

To start this business you need about N300, 000 if you don’t have a motorcycle already. But who says you must buy a brand new motorcycle? You can simply buy a fairly-used motorcycle for about half or a quarter of the cost of a new motorcycle and use it for your food delivery business. This will reduce the cost of the business to around N150, 000 if you are going to do the dispatching yourself.

For the execution, all you have to do is to talk to as many food selling outlets like eateries, restaurants, food stores, etc. and intimate them that you can be doing their delivery for them. A good number of them will welcome the idea and that is how you start to position yourself in this business. Sounds cool? Go try it out and see for yourself! Trust me you’ll come back with a lot of thanks for me.

(5) Food Talk Business (Blogging, Vlogging, and/or Writing about Food)

The headline above sounds funny right? Yes, it does but this is what I mean: have you gone online to learn how to make a certain food before, maybe on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or a blog/website? Do you know that several people make good money blogging, vlogging and/or writing about food, different aspects of food? Yet, they do.

So, if you can’t raise foodstuff, produce and deliver food, distribute or sale food, at least you can talk about food and make a lot of money for yourself doing this. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is and it actually works. All you need now is the willpower to get it done. You have all that’s needed, almost everything you need already – a mobile phone, the internet, data. So, what stops you from taking up this food business idea? Only you can stop yourself right now.


That’s it on the top 5 food business ideas to start now in Nigeria. I have taken my time to explain the ones I know works to you. It is now left to you to choose among or combine these food business ideas and start making good money for yourself. Leave me a comment below if you need further help on this. You can simply say thanks if you don’t have a question(s). That way, I’ll know that this piece made some sense to you.



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