What Sells Fast in Nigeria?

It may interest you to have a little prelude on the economic history of Nigeria before examining what sells fast in Nigeria. Correlated data from highly reliable sources show that Nigeria comprises more than 200 million people. It is a very rich country flowing with milk (Crude Oil) and Honey (Intellectuals). Agriculture was the root of economy boost in Nigeria before oil was discovered. With that discovery, many people believed and still believe that it’s a curse and not a blessing to farm in Nigeria. When the government realized that Crude oil is the new gold, Agriculture was abandoned and the focus was on Crude oil and Petroleum resources.

Had it been that the proceeds from Crude oil was well-utilized, Nigeria would have flourished but the arguably corrupt politicians in the government are only in power to stuff money into their pockets at the detriment of the masses. Hence, many Nigerians hustle day and night for a better life which includes delving into businesses that bring fast income since the employment rate in Nigeria is at a dwarf level.

What Sells Fast in Nigeria?

What Sells Fast in Nigeria?

What Sells Fast in Nigeria? See the top 7 Products That Sells Fast In Nigeria Below

There are lots of fast-moving products to sell and fast-moving services to render in Nigeria and the beauty of these products/services is that they are always in demand in almost all seasons. Some of them are discussed in this article namely:

  1. Game and Gaming Accessories
  2. Phones and Phone Accessories Business
  3. Fashion and Fashion Accessories Business
  4. Food
  5. Electronics
  6. Detergent and Toiletries
  7. Laptops and its Accessories

Let’s examine each of these in detail.

(1) Game and Gaming Accessories

There are different kinds of games today. We have video games like Xbox, PS2 down to most recently released PS5. These are gaming consoles which are on the high demand in Nigeria. Nigerians love games. After a stressing week, the average Nigerian will like to stay at home and relax playing games. Other leisure games include Chess, Draught, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. The gaming accessories which sell fast in Nigeria include pads, Video Games Discs like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, FIFA19, etc. As a fast selling business in Nigeria, you can never go wrong in Games and its accessories business.

(2) Phones and Phones Accessories

This is no brainer. There are lots of phones being produced and shipped to this county on a yearly basis. Android and iPhones have taken over the market and a lot of money circulates through these products. Selling of phones is a lucrative business and the product sells faster than people can imagine. I have a friend that sells 30 Redmi Phones in a month. He said he couldn’t believe it can happen like that until he started selling them. Nigerians love phones.

And for the accessories, Nigerians love to protect their phones and make it neat. So, accessories like Phone Pouch, Screen Guard, Phone Chargers, Earpieces/ear pods, phone panels, etc. are on a high demand in the country.. Phones and its Accessories sells fast in Nigeria.

Another product is Power bank. With the epileptic light that we have in Nigeria, People buy power banks for their phones. Each power bank has its capacity. The more the megawatts, the more powerful a Power bank is or can last. Power bank business is also fast selling and highly lucrative.

(3) Fashion and its Accessories

Of late, every Nigerian seems to have become a Fashion designer of sort. About seven of my friends are doing tailoring right now. Amazing right? Well, many people may think that fashion designers are too much and as such it will be difficult to break into it right now and make good profits in the business. But I tell you that is A VERY BIG LIE! The fashion industry is booming and there are plenty spaces for new comer to take up and make something substantial for themselves. As long as you are good and have your own idea/concept/fashion sense, customers will flood you. So it is not too late to start fashion business.

And if sewing doesn’t interest you, selling of fashion product is booming also. You can simply go into that; it’s still fashion business. Examples of fashion products you can sell include Unisex Wears, Shoes, Chains, etc. Nigerians like to dress to kill, so fashion accessories business is a fast and booming business to consider going into.

(4) Food

We eat every day. Many people don’t have time to cook before going to work; hence, they go for breakfast or lunch in a restaurant. We have lots of varieties of food in Nigeria but before one delve into food business, one have to do many things first including conducting a survey of the area where the food business is to be established. This will expose the kind of food people in that area like and how to appeal to their taste As long as your food is palatable, neatly served, and sold at a reasonable price; people will rush to eat at your restaurant. You should spice things up from time to time like cooking special local and exotic cuisines that people love (i.e., plantain porridge.)

(5) Electronics

A typical Nigerian home is filled with lots of electronics ranging from Pressing Iron to Electric Fan, Air Conditioner, TV, Extension Box, Sockets, etc. These pieces of household equipment are always high on demand. So, if you start a business selling electronic gadgets, you are sure to make good sales within a short time if you plan the business properly and execute it accordingly.

(6) Detergent and Toiletries

A home that doesn’t need detergent is obviously not a clean home. From doing laundry to doing dishes, detergent is very important as part of household product. The same goes with toiletries like bathing soap, toilet roll, etc. These are day-to-day useful products and it will never stop selling in Nigeria.

(7) Laptops and its Accessories

Phones sell a lot and so does laptops. Each year, Universities and Polytechnic students use laptop for their individual projects. Laptops are also in high demand in homes and offices.

Laptop accessories like Batteries, Mouse, Keyboard, Screen, etc. are also fast-moving products in Nigeria. Many Nigerians like to have games on their laptops and some incredible software too. Computer software like Microsoft Office, PDF readers like, Adobe Reader, Media Players, Browsers, etc. are among things students and just anyone else require in their Computer system and believe me, the demand for these things is very high. Since the demand is high, I have listed tem among the fast-selling product in Nigeria.

What Sells Fast in Nigeria? This article shows that these many fast-selling products which are in high demand in Nigeria. They are also very lucrative and some of them require low income for startup. If you wish to make money on a sustained basis in Nigeria, you should consider selling these products that sell fast in Nigeria.



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