51 Home Business Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

About ten years ago, work from home in Nigeria was only a dream. The opportunities were few and the limitations to start a home based business  were present. Of course, poor power supply, high cost of internet connection, lack of information and the fear of being scammed were major road blocks to any online business in Nigeria. So how about showing you our 51 Home Business Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs in Nigeria right now. Great right, lets get started.

With the sudden emergence of technology in Nigeria and the world over, everything is more convenient and accessible through the internet with almost a snap of the finger. We has witnessed a lot of Online entrepreneur in Nigeria who started most of their business from home. As technology evolves, it plays a vital function in the method businesses and companies hire workers. Online job applications like LinkedIn has replaced  the usual paper resume and one on one interview.

With that said, you’ll be an outdated piece of rag if you don’t have any online skills or have the basic knowledge of how things work online. Companies are retrenching increasingly due to the high cost of keeping in-house staff. Keeping a traditional job is really difficult and demanding these days. There is the high traffic on the road to work, high transport fare due to rise in fuel price, hard-to-please boss and a whole lot of drama that comes with having a job.

Considering these facts, many people are forced to look for online jobs that’s less demanding.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement of your normal 9-5 job, side hustle to complement your salary, start a side business while keeping your job or you just want to quit your job and become your own boss, I present to you 50 work from home business ideas for online entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Home Business Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Home Business Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

51 Home Business Ideas For Online Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Writing-based businesses:

This is probably the fastest and easiest (not so easy) work from home jobs one can start making money with. To make good money from writing, you need to focus on a niche and present yourself as an authority  in that field. Don’t take on writing everything and anything because sometimes everything could mean nothing.

There are various aspects of writing that you can specialize on and start making money as soon as possible.

  1. Copywriting: This refers to writing sales and promotional copies for company websites and blogs.
  2. Blogging: You can be hired to write blog posts for busy bloggers who want to focus on other aspects of their blogs. You can also start a blog in Nigeria with less money.
  3. News reporter: If you’re good in finding the latest and hottest celebrity gist, then getting a job won’t be difficult. Just approach the popular entertainment blogs in Nigeria and pitch your interest to be their reporter.
  4. Newspaper columnist: Being a newspaper columnist could be rewarding, challenging and fun but you may not earn much money from it. However, you can give it a try. The exposure and experience could be more rewarding  than the monetary gain.
  5. Magazine writers: Search for reputable online magazines in Nigeria and pitch your interest to write for them. You’d be surprised how much they need writers.
  6. Real Estate writers: This will be a good job for people with good knowledge of real estate. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to be good at crafting words related to real estate.
  7. Ghostwriting: This is like being a nameless and faceless writer. You do all the writing but someone pays you and take the credit. In fact, I started out as a ghost writer when I got into writing newly. I do charge very high for ghostwriting.
  8. Essay writing: You see, those essays you were writing in secondary school were not a waste of time after all. Let me stress that getting essay writing jobs in Nigeria could be difficult because there are already a handful of essay writers out there. But then, your uniqueness and ability to paint a picture with words will open doors of opportunities for you.
  9. Business plan writing: Startups are springing up everyday. There’s need to write detailed and comprehensive business plans for investors, banks and government. Since this a very important document, many business owners hire professional and experienced business plan writers to handle their business plan in Nigeria.
  10. Press Release writing: Press release writers are needed to write  about new job openings, products, services, workshops or programs in a company.
  11. Ebook writing: You can write for businesses or just about anybody if you understand the topic well.
  12. Legal writing: Legal writers (with of course, legal background) write contracts, stock legal websites, legal briefs, research papers and more.
  13. Resume writing: Many job seekers will pay you huge amount of money for resumes. A lot of don’t know how to write a cv in Nigeria that can attrcat the jobs they desire. they often do the same thing and mastering how to get them an effective resume is a good business model.
  14. FAQ writing: Are you kidding me? Websites and forums may need someone to write a good frequently asked questions with clear answers.
  15. Speech writing: This is for writers who are dramatic and have the ability to command listener’s attention throughout a speech.
  16. Guest blogging:You will have to write guest posts on behalf of another blogger and get paid.
  17. Bio writing: Approach accomplished and successful individuals and ask to write their biographies for some pay. You’d be surprised about how many people who want their story written.
  18. Proofreading and editing: I can categorically tell you that I make more money from proofreading and editing more than writing. This job is for people who have eyes for spotting errors in articles.
  19. Research: You’ll make good money doing research work for authors, writers, other researchers and businesses. Learn how to conduct a market research in Nigeria.
  20. Transcribing audios/videos: This job requires you transcribing words spoken in an audio or video to written words.

Graphic Designing Businesses:

Just as writing has various aspects, so does graphic designing. There’s constantly a huge demand for graphic designing every single day. You can never run out of clients because somehow there’s always something to design for this company or that individual.

  1. Mockup Design: I guess you have seen the homepage of a website mock up on a laptop or tablet screen. You can mockup things like 3D book covers, T-shirts,  websites, Apps, C/Album. Etc.
  2. Logo design: Logo design is the most in-demand online jobs out there.
  3. App design: Busy App developers makes a lot of money these days and a good knowledge on how to design apps will help you in starting an online home based business in Nigeria.
  4. Ad Banners design: Design banners for adverts and promotions.  A lot of companies who are advertising their businesses online needs good banners and this is an opportunity for you.
  5. Cartooning: This particular job has become really popular these days. This is turning someone’s photo into a cartoon art.
  6. Ebook cover designing: This is creating ebook covers that stand out. The competition is tough but excellence will surely make people look for you.
  7. Photo Editing: This job is for people who can perform wonders with Photoshop or any other graphic design apps out there.
  8. Business card design: There is a huge demand for professional business cards. You can focus solely on this online job and make cool cash weekly/monthly.
  9. Social media graphic creation: You will have to design timeline photos or headers for different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  10. Web Design/Development: Most business have realized the importance of taking their businesses online, hence, there’s a great demand for website design and development. Knowing how to create a website in Nigeria will aid your skills to start the business from home.
  11. WordPress installation: You’d be surprised that many people cannot install word press or other CMS in Nigeria. You can do it for your friends for free to get some experience then later you can approach clients.
  12. WordPress theme customization: This is tweaking a blog to be a user and search engines friendly.
  13. Programming: You can monetize your programming knowledge just at the comfort of your home by working with companies or teaching others programming.
  14. Internet security expert: this is managing the internet security of businesses and individuals.
  15. Animator: You’ll be making cool money if you can do some interesting animations for companies or individuals for their promotion or advert.
  16. Software developer: If you have some coding skills, just about anybody who needs software development will be willing to pay you to work from home.
  17. Social media manager: Companies and busy online Nigerian entrepreneurs are looking for people to manage their social media account, so they can concentrate on other parts of their business. Stop wasting your time on Facebook. You can actually make money from it.

Other Businesses…

There are other simple tasks which do not require any coding knowledge which you can do from home and earn yourself a good income. This includes the following:

  1. Virtual assistant: This job involves simple tasks like, scheduling appointments, email management, social media management and any other thing that is required from you to do.
  2. Product reviewer: I know of a family in YouTube that review products they purchase such as household items and toys for a living. It’s a very lucrative business, so to say, that requires lots of hard work.
  3. Travel agent: Do you know the ins and outs of the city where you live? You can make good money planning trips and searching for best deals for busy entrepreneurs.
  4. Youtube personality: Creating videos and publishing on YouTube could bring you cool cash monthly/weekly. Just do something interesting or funny and people will pay attention to your videos. Product reviews can also be done on YouTube.
  5. Music instructor: If you can play any musical instrument, there are people who are willing to pay you to learn it.
  6. Coaching/Consulting: This is a big business if you are an expert in what you do. There are a lot of people who has build Facebook groups for online coaching and consulting in Nigeria.
  7. Backlink builder: Strange right? You can actually help businesses or individual to create quality backlinks to their blogs/websites.
  8. Send traffic to blogs: Traffic is the life blood of any online business. If you can drive quality traffic to websites/blogs, thousands of online entrepreneurs will pay you any amount to get it.
  9. Voice over acting: Believe it or not, you can earn lots of money as a voice over actor. This will favor the female entrepreneurs more.
  10. Blog commenting: Surprise, Surprise. You can make good money by dropping quality comments on high traffic sites on behalf of your clients. You may not make huge money from blog commenting but it can pay some bills.
  11. Podcasting: Yes! You can approach popular blogs and request to turn one of their popular posts into an interesting podcast episode for a fee. This is usually called, content re-purposing.
  12. Infographic: Infographic is becoming popular every day. You can make good money creating professional infographic for companies or individuals.
  13. Presentation: Can you use power point or other presentation apps very well? You can offer to create professional presentations for companies and also offer to submit it on Slide share for more exposure.
  14. Brand promoter: Do you know how to hype things a lot? Well, you can actually be paid to hype a product, service or a personality on social media.

Can you provide one or more of the online jobs above? If so, then you’re ready to quit your job and start an online home based business in Nigeria.

Note that, you have to specialize in one or two fields so that, you can focus on providing exceptional service for your clients. You don’t have to provide all the services above. However, you can create an agency that provides these services and have others work for you.

Did I miss any home based business idea you can start online? Which one are you doing presently? Which one would you like to do? Let me know in the comment box below.



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