8 Powerful Benefits Of Using E-Gold System of Payment To Merchants

8 Powerful Benefits Of Using E-Gold System of Payment To Merchants

In our previous post we define electronic payment system and the types of e-paymentsa dvantages of e-payment system. But today we presents to you E-Gold System, benefits Of Using E-Gold System of Payment To Merchants and so on.

The e-gold transaction and payment solution is a coded internet payment system, which is totally supported by gold bullions and is widely accepted on the internet as a method of payment. e-gold is one among the various means of payments which people who have no credit/debit cards, or who cannot utilize or access their credit cards can avail themselves of.

Traders who permit the usage of e-gold as a way of payment for goods and services in their internet portal enable countless numbers of internet customers that lack credit/debit cards to transact through the internet using e-gold.

e-gold system of payment

The Powerful Benefits Of Using E-Gold System of Payment To Merchants

Here, we will provide some of the merits of e-gold electronic payment system to businesses and merchants:

Easy To Begin Receiving Payments

You can start receiving money online immediately you open an e-gold account. All you have to do as a merchant or business owner is to obtain a simple web link to from e-gold, which you place on your website. Anyone with an e-gold account can equally do same.

This link when clicked by a internet user to your site will display a page for them to make a secured transaction, credited to your e-gold account.
The web link arms one with a simple panacea to getting paid online, but when you need a robust e-commerce channel or you have a variety of commodities and services to render, with an integrated shopping card solution on your website, then this concise medium will be grossly inadequate to power such services.

In such a circumstance, the necessity to develop a shopping cart interface (SCI) arises. e-gold shopping cart interface is powered by html forms and allows a merchant to easily incorporate their shopping cart solution into the e-gold payment system.

Immediate Payment 24/7

Once a payment is made by a user, you will receive a credit update as well as an alert in your account, almost immediately. You do not have to wait indefinitely or be delayed. Irrespective of the location, once a payment is made to your account, you receive an instant credit to your e-gold account.

Payments are Final (No Charge backs)

e-gold system discourages or frowns at charge backs. This is a plus for business owners. This simply denotes that immediately a customer pays for goods, he/she cannot stop implementation and you will be accountable for the payment made. In some payment solutions, a customer can deny having made payments and the trader might be forced to return the funds paid. This could be quite discouraging to the business.

e-gold payment system does not encourage charge backs, once a payment notification is received, no refunds is tenable on the part of the trader.

Secure and Robust payment solution

e-gold payment system is a two-dimensional system. this denotes that before transactions are allowed or prior to validation of payments, there will be a linking between the trader’s website and that of e-gold system. This is to ensure and confirm that the customer has enough funds to pay for the good or services intended.

e-gold system also gives out information to ascertain that sellers are able to confirm that the payment made for products and service offered on their website is actually from e-gold.

e-gold Has A Large Number Of Potential Customers (Global Payment)

e-gold is perhaps the only wireless payment channel available to people who lack credit cards or those that reside in countries where credit/debit cards are non-existent or very difficult to access. The number of such people amount to billions. There are millions of people in Nigeria who do not own a bank account and even more who do not have any credit or debit card.

To these Nigerians, e-gold is perhaps the only option accessible to pay for goods and services on the internet. What makes this system very attractive to consumers is the ease with which people can acquire e-gold and the relative cheapness in the transaction expenses.

This electronic payment system is open to anyone who has an internet subscription anywhere in the world and there are e-gold has consumers in more than 165 countries as stated by the company. Using e-gold as a form of payment, for your products/services will generally allow you to have access to all these millions of people worldwide.

You can access e-gold using your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

e-gold Reduces The Impact Of Currency Fluctuation

e-gold is totally supported by gold bullions. This infers that buying or receiving e-gold for transaction is akin to saving up gold. This means you can use it as a hedge-on currency. This also entails that e-gold is an investment.

If you are in search of a payment system that lessens the dangers of currency exchange, then give e-gold a chance.

Easily Convertible To Other Payment Systems

There is a multiplicity of independent exchange firms, some of which might be operating in your country. In Nigeria, there are several of such independent exchange services that gives e-gold for cash (Naira). one such exchange can be found at www.epaymentservice.net.

In other countries, there may be like for like services that exchange e-gold for money. Other means that independent exchange services utilize for

exchanging e-gold include direct account deposit, bank wire, PayPal, Western Union, money order and several others. No other system supports so many choices.

Open As Many Accounts As You Want

There is no benchmark or cap to the number of accounts one can have. As long as you obey the rules and regulations of the e-gold system, one can own not a few accounts. This implies that as a trader, you can open
various accounts for your several needs.