Find Out If People Are Talking About Your Business Venture

Find Out If People Are Talking About Your Business Venture

A popular Nigerian musician, 2Face Idibia sang “If nobody talks about you, then you are nobody.” He even went further to state that the reason may be inconsequential but you just have to be talked about. While I don’t agree with him on the reason you are talked about, I do agree that you should be talked about as a business or even as a person. We want to help you know if people are talking about your business venture.

You should know that the level of publicity you command is directly related to the value you cause or the havoc you are causing the society. I pray that you take the former other than the latter.

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We all talk about Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and other great ventures because they add value to your life. You need them to carry out certain daily activities and even to run your own business. You must be careful about your image and work hard to protect your reputation as they are important to your success.

If people are talking about your business venture, you will get the opportunity to have people referred to your business and you know there is still no substitute for mouth-to-mouth referral.

Well, while you are working on the value you want to add to society, I need you to track what people are already saying about you. we have put up some tips to help you figure out if people are talking about your business venture and you will make a decision to improve on certain areas to increase sales.

Tips On How To Find Out If People Are Talking About Your Business Venture

if people are talking about your business venture

  1. Examine your inquiry rate

To check your popularity, you should check or track your inquiry rate. How many people ask of you on daily basis? How many checks your homepage or contacts you daily? Check the weekly and monthly rates too. This will give you an idea of how popular you and your products are.

Your product and your business can be scaled. The inquiry rate can be increased and more sales can be made but you need to understand what it is like first and then you can make the next step. Do not be discouraged if it is not very positive. It should motivate you to work more.

  1. Check out your referral and sales rate

Given, the number of sales may not be an absolute way of knowing if people are talking about your business venture. However, it is surely a way of knowing your popularity rate. In a month, how many products do you sell? You will also consider the type of products selling at faster rates and the market that is bringing the sales. The referral rate has to be put into consideration too.

These factors will help you know where your products are more popular and how to scale the products in other markets.

  1. Market research

if people are talking about your business venture

This may be extreme but it is doable. In the first place, you have got to understand how absolutely important it is for you to have market research. To carry out market research will cost you but if it is aimed towards improving your business and increasing your popularity, then, it will be worth it.

To carry out market research, you can use questionnaires or employ an agency to handle it for you. you will be able to determine how many people remember using or having heard about your product. It can give you information about people using your products and it also opens the door for a new customer base.

  1. Carry out keyword research

This is possible for products and businesses that are done online. It helps you know if people are talking about your business online or over the internet. Here is a list of keyword searches you can carry out according to Stan Edom.

  • You could carry out keyword research using Google’s keyword planner to see the average monthly search rate for a brand’s name.
  • You could type in the brand name on the’s search box to see if it easily suggests the name in the drop-down recommendations, and also how many sites are linking to it after the search results are shown.
  • You could carry out a search on the twitter “Discover” tab to see if people are talking about the brand.
  • You could check how many times a hashtag is used for a certain brand on Instagram.
  • You could use Google alerts to search the web for keywords you choose and have them sent to your inbox.
  • You could use a tool like “mentions” to keep track of who’s talking about your business and your competition’ across the social web.

By using online tools to carry out researches on the popularity of a brand, you can have an idea or not, of their influence in the marketplace.





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