The Smart Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Team Members

The Smart Ways To Get The Best Out Of Your Team Members

Entrepreneurs must at various stages of their business life work with team members. It is your responsibility to get the best out of your team members.

To start a business, you will need a group of entrepreneurially minded fellows as that is very important to the sustenance of the business. However, the business is going to go beyond the startup stage and will require other team members.

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to force entrepreneurship into the heads of their new team members. It is noble but it does not always get you the best outcome. You will not get the best out your team members by forcing them to become entrepreneurs.

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At this stage, it is in your best interest to look at their different strengths and tap into it. Some people really hate the idea of becoming entrepreneurs and you will get a counter-productive outcome if you try to force them into it.

As business owners or business leaders, you will get the best out of your team members when you engage them in areas where they are most suited to perform optimally.

This discourse will be about looking at how entrepreneurs can get the best out of their team members.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Team Members

get the best out of your team members

  1. You will need to understand team members’ personality styles

The first thing you need to know about working with team members is that not everybody thinks the way you do. Failure to realize this will keep you frustrated. But it is not such a bad thing that not every member of your team thinks the way you do. It is actually a blessing if you can utilize the diversity to perfection.

It is not everybody in your team that has interest in becoming an entrepreneur but that doesn’t stop them from contributing to your entrepreneurial venture.

What you need to do is to devise a means to find out who is who in your team. You can invest a little money in having them take a business-oriented personality assessment test to help you understand who in your team is entrepreneurial-minded and the ones that are better suited for other roles.

  1. Figure out how to encourage and motivate each team member

If you want to get the best out of your team members you will need to understand the things that motivate them. Understanding the personality types above will help you figure out how to motivate and encourage them.

If you think that everybody is motivated by the same factors, then you will have to think again because you are so wrong. There are different motivating factors for different people. Some people are driven by achievements, others by monetary incentives, others by public recognition and others by humanistic tendencies (altruism).

When you understand the above, then you can escape the risk of setting a compensation plan that will only be beneficial to you and not members of your team and the end product will definitely be counter-productive.

You really don’t want to go through the trouble of trying to motivate or compensate your team members and get negative reactions and cynicism from them. it could affect your relationship with your team members and by extension, affect your productivity.

  1. Use each employee’s strengths to the fullest

The easiest route to stagnation in entrepreneurship is using square pegs on round holes. It doesn’t work out. There are activities that are entrepreneurial and there are others that are managerial based as far as business management is concerned.

When you want everybody to become part of the entrepreneurial activities because you feel that more hands will bring better results, you will have yourself to blame. Check out the people that are entrepreneurial-oriented and use them for such and they will give their best.

In the same vein, managerial minded people will excel in managerial positions if they are allowed to take up positions there. You really don’t have to force it on anyone as all you need to do is give serious attention to finding out who is good what and then you are good to go.

Team members are all special and unique in different ways and will require that you do the needful in exploring their unique strengths and utilizing them to the fullest.