10 Top Money-Making Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

10 Top Money-Making Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria

Everybody wants to make money. That is a fact. The reality though is that not everybody body can make money. When you take a look at the top money-making businesses in Nigeria, you will understand that really, not everybody can make money.

Please, money here doesn’t necessarily mean making a few thousands every now and then. Everybody can do that. We are talking about making the kind of money that has the potentials to save your life from financial misery.

It takes a lot of energy and determination to start a business that gives you that value.

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Remember that business, like every other journey in life, starts with a step. Once you know where you are and where you are going to, once you make that first step, you will get there eventually.

There is also something you need to understand about top money-making businesses, there is stiff competition because that is where the money is.

You have to put a lot into consideration when you want to start so that you don’t make unnecessary mistakes. You can start the right business in the wrong location or the wrong business in the right location.

We have taken into account some of the top money-making businesses in Nigeria. You can join one and over time, you will be a millionaire. For the avoidance of doubt, these businesses are not arranged in a particular order.

Top Money-Making Businesses In Nigeria

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1. E-commerce

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In this time, it is a fact that e-commerce is unarguably one of the top money-making businesses in the country. It is quite easy to engage in it because it is at its moment.

It is much more advantageous when you look at the fact that you have more customers than you will ever imagine. With the internet, you have access billions of customers and also the tools to convert them into buyers. The opportunity is just awesome.

You can start a new business here or you work with an established business.

2. Sell construction materials

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Construction keeps going on in the country at an amazing pace. This has made the construction industry a very lucrative one. The engineers and overseers of these constructions depend on local dealers for materials.

You can start the business of selling construction materials and be sure that your business will have continuity. Once you pass the hurdle of a relatively large start-up capital, then you are good to go.

3. Real estate

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This is one of the top money-making businesses in Nigeria. The rate people buy and sell property in Nigeria is amazing. It has created a very lucrative business opportunity in the country. People are now more interested in buying houses other than renting them. You can find your way into this business and make a fortune for yourself.

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4. Hotel business

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Hotel business provides you with an opportunity to make a lot of money. There is competition already in the business but people are still building more hotels. You can always make it here. But have to bear in mind that it takes good management to make money from hotels. You have to work on that. It is a goldmine; you should not miss out if you can.

5. Oil and gas

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If I had arranged this piece in their order of importance, I would have probably put this as my number one. Oil is good business; it is a very lucrative business in Nigeria. You already know that Nigeria produces oil in a very large quantity. In fact, they are one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world.

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6. Rice farming

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Agriculture is one aspect of the economy that has come to mean so much to the people in term of money-making. An aspect of agriculture that has come into full view is rice farming. It is one of the top money-making businesses in Nigeria.

Rice farming is both labor and capital intensive. You are expected to pass the hurdle and you will be alright. There are existing companies who are willing to partner with rice farmers because it holds a lot of promise.

7. Snail rearing

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Snails are easy to rare and costly to acquire. Does that ring a bell? It should. It means you can start a business of rearing snails at a very low price and you make so much money from its sales. They do not require any special food and more importantly, their maintenance is cheap and simple.

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I refer to snails as the big man’s meat and it is damn proteinous. For more information on snail rearing, read how to start a snail farm in Nigeria.

8. Tokunbo trade

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Tokunbo is another name for second-hand items. If you trade in second-hand items, you will definitely have a very large market to operate. A great number of Nigerians prefer the second-hand items because of the harsh economic conditions.

9. Poultry farming

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Poultry business is one of the top money-making businesses in Nigeria. It is a business you can involve in even if you had no prior idea of animal production or farming. If you start with a good number of birds, you can be making a lot of money in a short while.

10. Investing in the transport sector

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This business is overcrowded currently but if you can still bring in innovations, you will make a lot of money here. The truth is that the market will always be expanding because Nigeria is expanding.

There you go! Have your pick. There other businesses in Nigeria and some of them may suit you better. Please share some of these other businesses with our readers.