Tips On A Career Change: It Could Look Just Like Dating

Tips On A Career Change: It Could Look Just Like Dating

At various points in our lives, we have had to change career. In fact, many people change career more than more than twice before they die. Some get it right, others don’t. Well, the truth is that if given a second chance, those people might get it right. To help you get it right this time if you will ever try, you will need these tips on a career change.

When you change your career to the one your heart prefers, the feeling could be compared to dating the guy or the girl of your dream. It is quite fulfilling.

However, don’t be fooled. It is not as simple as they look. You may have become an expert in that field given your years of experience but your heart will still crave for more. It is like having to date the wrong kind of guy who gives you every material thing you did want but doesn’t give you emotional fulfillment.

A day will come when you will need to call it quits or live out a miserable life. The essence of knowing the tips on a career change is to be guided on how to make that decision when the time is right. You really do not want to mess it up.

We have seen people who left their well-paying jobs to start a business. The list will be very long if we try making them but the fact is that there are so many of them. Some others left their businesses to take up jobs in other firms. That is the reality of our existence.

Below, we are going to look at 5 tips on a career change and it is my belief that they will guide you in making that decision to be better.

5 Tips On A Career Change

tips on a career change

  1. Going through your options may take a while

When you rush dating, most times you come down with disappointments. The same thing is applicable to changing your career. There are always many options out there and you take some time to transition from the first one to the next one.

It is better you get it right when you have taken the time to sift through your options than to keep going on the process of constant trial and error.

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However, going through trial and errors may not be a total waste of your time. The truth is that you can still come up with the right experience to enable you to settle on your next career. The most important thing is to make sure you don’t rush the process.

  1. You need to watch out for big egos

People are driven by many things and ego is definitely one of them. This is why you must watch out for big egos and why we chose to put it in our tips for a career change. Don’t get it wrong, the ego could be yours and it could be someone else’s own. Either way, the ego is a problem that has to be treated.

Some people go after a certain career because of the title attached to it, the brand name or even the magnificent office attached to it. That should not drive you. if there is no fulfillment, then there is really no need leaving your current career.

We are not condemning ego in its entirety but it should not be given paramount position in your decision to leave. That is the truth. Your inner voice craves for something; therefore, don’t let flamboyant and exotic showings cloud your judgment.

  1. You have to trust your gut

Sometimes, you would want to change your career but there is always something that could contradict your gut and tell you to do something better. It could be the opportunity to make more money or the chance for immediate success and stuffs like that. This is the time to say no.

You need to hold on to your gut and trust it to be right. When I watched scandal, I was impressed by the protagonist, Olivier Pope. She was always trusting her guts and the gut never really disappointed her. That is exactly what I’m saying.

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In a scale of 1-10, your gut will always help out in about 8 instances. That is a pretty good score if you ask me. Just trust yourself.

  1. Some of your old self will still be needed

While it is probably okay to switch off completely, you should not forget that a time will come when something of the old can be helpful. When dating, it is very okay to be drawn to the same qualities. Personally, I’m attracted to dark skinned and beautiful ladies and intelligent ones too. That is just me. When I end a relationship and want a new one, I get attracted to the same qualities and it is not abnormal.

The same is applicable to your career change. It could be your skill set or your knowledge on certain things. They should come in handy in your new career and they will make things easier for you. It might be difficult to start on an entirely new ground. A radical shift could have its disadvantages.

  1. Check out new things

You could try out something new. Just like some people would want to try out their luck with a different kind of date, something entirely new, you could try out a new adventure and see where you will go from there.

If you in academics, perhaps lecturing, you could want to go into full-time research. More so, you could decide to become a full-time business owner and you could decide to leave office work for something more challenging in the field.




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