BiteBTC Exchange Review and How to Guide (With Pictures)

BiteBTC Exchange Review and How to Guides

The rapid growth and adoption of Blockchain technology with Bitcoin fronting as the first cryptocurrency of the technology has and still attracting the birth of new businesses to operate on the blockchain space. Ranging from Cryptocurrency coins/tokens, Wallet companies, Blockchain Education companies, Exchange sites and others.

Today, we will be taking a look at BiteBTC, one of the new cryptocurrency exchange websites to trade Bitcoin and Altcoins; it’s overview, take and How to create an account on BiteBTC.

Overview: What is BiteBTC Exchange

BiteBTC is a cryptocurrency Exchange that is set to unite the major players of the cryptocurrency market. The exchange platform supports coexistence and trading of most popular cryptocurrencies in the world and ensures profits are made from transactions involving electronic money. At the moment, BiteBTC exchange has daily trade volume of about $3 million as seen on CoinLib and constantly increasing, meaning people are trooping in and using the exchange site.

Legal Compliance

The accounts on the BiteBTC exchange website is totally legal, and the trading crypto-currencies in BiteBTC is allowed by the laws of almost all countries of the world.

How BiteBTC Digital Currency Exchange For Trading Crypto Works

BiteBTC exchange uses Encryption cryptographic algorithms, which makes accessibility to third party’s electronic wallets impossible and forging of electronic accounts hard.

All the currencies used in the exchange are completely anonymous and highly protected on the blockchain network. The personal wallets are at the disposal of users and they should take measures to protect them at their own will. Users on BiteBTC Exchange can trade (Buy/Sell) any of the listed cryptocurrencies on the platform for profit maximization.

Below are 6 Important reasons of why you should use BiteBTC exchange for your cryptocurrency trading.

Why You Should Use BiteBTC exchange

  1. User Data Protection: BiteBTC does not transmit or disseminate any information about service users in any way.
  2. SWIFT Wire Transfers Worldwide: Unlike other Exchange sites, BiteBTC supports transfers and exchanges done in SWIFT Bank Wire Transfers that can be done by anyone in the entire world and be able to gain profits while doing it. With this Feature, you can withdraw your Cryptocurrencies to raw fiat currency.
  3. Compliance With KYC Requirements: With the KYC (You’re your Customer) verification feature on BiteBTC, every user provides all essential information that is needed for verification and approval on the exchange platform. This is tailored to increase the security and authenticity of users account on the platform.
  4. Use of API For Automated Trading: Also for security reasons, every BiteBTC user uses an API (Application Programming Interface) that has a secret key and uses a digital signature when making transactions.
  5. Instant Trading: On BiteBTC, you get to instantly trade various cryptocurrencies and swap from o coin/token to another. There is also USDT coins pairs where you can swap your coin to USD incase you want to stay on the safe trading zone while away from the exchange.
  6. Powerful Trader Desk: The platform comes as a very powerful and easy to use trader desk in which almost every cryptocurrency exchange can be done easily and with minimum requirements.

How To Register On BiteBTC Exchange

To sign up and start trading cryptocurrencies, kindly follow the steps below

  1. Sign up at

bitebtc exchange sign up from soxax 4

  1. Click on the green “Register” button on the page and
  2. Enter the form details in the signup page. Enter your (Email, First name, Last Name and Password respectively)
  3. Agree to the Terms of User and Click on

After that, an account activation email will be sent to the email address you provided, kindly login to your email and click on the activation email sent to you to verify your account.

bitebtc exchange from soxax 2

  1. Once you verify your account, click, you can now enter your Email and Password, check Google Captcha code and then click on login to access your account and Start Trading for profits.

How to Verify Your BiteBTC Exchange Account

To verify your BiteBTC account for KYC, kindly follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the BiteBTC exchange verification page at

bitebtc exchange from soxax

  1. Fill out the form entries and upload your profile documents
  2. Check the Google captcha code and click on Submit to verify.

After verifying your BiteBTC account by KYC, you can now Deposit cryptocurrency funds into your exchange wallet to start trading.

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds in BiteBTC Exchange

To deposit or withdraw fund from your account, kindly click on balances from the balances link in the Top right menu bar. See image below;

Users can withdraw funds on the purses page by clicking (-) in the table available next to the cryptocurrency that is required, in which the system specifies the address for the withdrawal. The amount is then sent to the wallet of the user.

Same thing with depositing funds, simply click on the (+) in the table available next to the cryptocurrency that you want to deposit into your account, a wallet address of long character will be given to you to send funds to be credited.