Blockchain Tech Hub Launches A New Incubation Hub In Nigeria Funded By Satowallet

Blockchain Tech Hub Launches A New Incubation Hub In Nigeria Funded By Satowallet

Africa’s Largest Blockchain company, ‘Blockchain Tech Hub’ launches a new Blockchain Incubation hub in Abuja Nigeria on the 14th of February 2019 to Incubate Blockchain Developers in Africa.

CEO, Satowallet; Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya

The CEO, Samuel Benedict Ogbonnaya took to all his social media handles to make the official announcement saying

“I have been about my business, actualizing each and every of my company goals for 2019, one after the other. Today we launch the new Tech Incubation Hub”


Recall the CEO, already shared the company’s goal of 2019 to become the first Billion dollar (UNICORN) Blockchain company in Africa hitting 1 million users mark on Satowallet, $100 Million profit and 50 staff capacity.

This is a welcome development for African Blockchain ecosystem as the Company in December 2018 had their first Blockchain Internship program to train Blockchain developers that will help drive adoption and scalability in the industry.

An eye for an eye!

A giant for a giant!!

African startups is on the rise to build better Blockchain solution and the millennials should welcome this trend which is posing to help create better record and transparency system.

Blockchain Tech Hub’s Satowallet HQ in Nigeria

On this, We call on African government to start looking into how it can utilize the good prospects of Blockchain technology and create good policies that will enable it to thrive.

Other Continents are on the fast lane already, Africa should follow suit.

Congrats for taking the lead role Blockchain Tech Hun, Satowallet’s own mother.

Team of Staff at Blockchain Tech Hub

Africa’s Blockchain Giant Company CEO.



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