How to Find Your Ideal Career in Nigeria

Finding your ideal career in Nigeria is a tough game because most people are confused on which carer path to follow. Discovering what your career path is will go a long way in shaping future and your life in general. Some people are although employed but they have no real interest in the job except probably for the salary.

Before choosing which job to apply for or which career to take, you have to know actually what is your career path, so that you won’t just do the job for the money alone but also for the interest you have in it, the passion which will definitely increase productivity and happiness.

How to Find Your Ideal Career in Nigeria

NOTE: Choosing which career to venture in for the rest of your life especially in Nigeria is a more difficult task to do, considering the ‘state of the nation

I will advise you start with reflecting on your career goals. Maybe you don’t want to be as rich as Dangote or Otedola but want to become a humanitarian who renders service to humanity and save the world. Maybe you want to get out of the status quo of 9 to 5 and go into your own business. Whatever your passion is, it will take time to sort it out. Do not allow yourself to be influenced by what your friends are doing or what people wants you to do. Not everyone has to go into the banking and oil sector. There are plenty of undiscovered sectors in Nigeria waiting for people to lead the wave of change. What is your passion? Is it that you just love talking naturally or is it that you love helping others! Find your passion within you and go for it. Finding your ideal career in Nigeria will make enhance a happy life and progressive future.

Also you must not overlook your interests and things you

Love generally. What do you love passionately and would be fulfilled doing? Then key into it fully it will help you set out for the right career. So if you love working to make people feel better, feel loved and literally have fun, then consider the hospitality industry and search for jobs in Hotels, Restaurants, or in airports . If your own is that you love to act and interpret roles, look for jobs in media industry, be it Radio, Television or Theatre Art.

So many a times, we go to school and find out that we are naturally inclined to certain subjects. Paying attention to those subject areas after school can help you decide a good career path in Nigeria. Myself as an example. My childhood career path was medicine and surgery but I discovered during my Junior high school that I was good in Social studies, Literature in English, and English, in addition to the fact that I talked a lot  loved to read Novels and other literature. This made me applied for Law instead of my Medical ambition.

In conclusion, you don’t have to go miles in finding your ideal career in Nigeria because it’s next to you. It has been living with you since, but you paid no attention. Check your PASSION and your INTERESTS, you shall thank me soon.



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