How To Get Customers For Your Business in Nigeria

Many people have struggled with the problem of getting enough customers for their business in Nigeria., attracting enough customers for their services or getting enough audience for their Information. If you’re a producer – either of goods, services or information –this post is for you.

Note carefully; I will not give you the solution to getting your audience, customers or buyers as the case may be. This is getting to long to pronounce. Let’s just label them ABC; Audience, Buyers and Consumers.

How To Get Customers For Your Business in Nigeria

Look at this:

Division of products and services according to entrepreneurs
The reason for this division is to properly capture every form or aspect of business in Nigeria. All of you reading this invariably fall into one of the categories above If you’re an entrepreneur.
Back to my preamble; like I said, I WILL not give you the solution, but I will TEACH you the solution.

Your ABC’S are virtually non– existent, audience is dwindling, sales are dropping, goods getting spoilt or destroyed, others accumulating months of dust on the shelf and you’re like ‘what is the problem?’ You then go ahead and renovate the whole business environment. New acoustics, nice features, bright colors and the like, expecting customers to start racing towards your business as if Buhari is doing charity at your doorstep (yeah, like that could happen), but instead sales keeps dropping drastically like the C.G.P.A of a lazy university student (you know it’s true).
Like the heading illustrates, this is post is just the first part of a three tier system of gaining or gaining back customers.

This post is for the entrepreneurs in need of the A – Audience.
Say this: ‘How do I gain (back) my audience?’
Here’s how:-

How To Get Customers For Your Business in Nigeria

#1 Social Media

I believe there is nothing on earth (and in some parts of heaven) that does not exist in the social media. Let me rephrase; there is nothing you want to do successfully and QUICKLY that will not make use of the social media especially in this new age of technology. The social media is one of the fastest means of spreading ‘the word’. Information spreads faster than wildfire up there.

The social media is also a two edged sword. The fact that you’re here reading this – for those who want to GET BACK their audience — simply means the social media has affected your business negatively; other sites are carting off your audience through the social media. For the Freshers – those who just want to start venturing into social media advertising for their business – you have to be seriously prepared to work hard at the beginning. When it eventually clicks, you won’t have to stress yourself anymore. Your business will begin to speak for itself.

An average person browses the net for at least 2 to 3 hours a day. Now imagine a situation in which someone who has been looking for a particular product is browsing on Facebook and stumbles across your post on one of the products you sell which is what he/she is looking for specifically, it can open up an avenue for two things:

  • You sell at that point and make profit.
  • Referral; the person refers friends and family to you (if he/she is satisfied with your product) which means more business for you which ultimately equals more money.

I hope you’re getting my drift.
Now, getting audience with social media is relatively easy if you know the trick to it.
The first thing to do is to get a social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or BBM)
Facebook is one of the best ways to grow audience for your business. It is not enough to create an account on

Facebook; you have to create a Facebook page for your business. Here is what a Facebook page looks like (click here to see what a Facebook page looks like ). Twitter is also a very good means of advertising your services. As a blogger or online marketer, you need twitter to share what you post on your blog to your audience. The same goes for Instagram, BBM and Whatsapp. For BBM and Whatsapp, you might need to create a broadcast list of the contacts you think won’t mind receiving information about your business.

#2 Attracting your audience

This is the trickiest part. To attract the right audience, you have to provide services or content that is relevant to them. Not only that, you have to ensure that your availability for service gets to them. You have to ensure that YOU get to THEM. And this can be achieved by advertising. You might be a blogger and I might not even know you exist because I’ve not seen your blog or anything related to you. As a public speaker or online marketer, you are a Producer. A Producer of service and the people you need to render those services to have to be aware of your existence and your readiness to do business. This can also be known as creating awareness which is an expression for advertising.

For those who have an online presence/business online, the ideal method of advertisement is also through online means. Sometimes you’ll see that when you’re on a webpage, you’ll see adverts like “ ‘sign up for Facebook’, ‘click here to apply for scholarships’, ‘buy new cars on jiji’ “ etc. These are referred to as online ads. For you to get not just any audience, but the RIGHT audience coming your way, you have to employ this method. On a normal day, for you to be advertised on the internet costs money anywhere, anytime.

But, I have taken the time to research thoroughly and come up with an awesome advertisement agency that will cost you ONLY when you earn. This agency will place your ads on thousands of blogs and websites and will only ask for money when someone clicks on your ads and is re-directed to your website. And, for someone to click on those ads, the person definitely WANTS something from you and there’s 90% likelihood that you will make a sale if you’ll follow RULE #3 below. The name of the ad agency I mentioned above is Google AdSense. It is one of the best and cheapest methods of advertising because let’s face it, Google IS everywhere.

#3 Re-organize your business

I know you’ve probably organized and re-organized everything but maybe you’re not doing it right.
For the bloggers/website owners, having too many advertisements on a page can be very disastrous. There is something referred to as ‘bounce rate’. Studies show that the average time anyone spends on a webpage is 10 seconds. It is your bounce rate that will determine if the person will stay long enough to actually engage in the services you have to offer. When someone clicks on a link leading to a page on your blog and is immediately bombarded with adverts to the extent that they can’t even see what exactly they’re looking for, they leave immediately to another site and they NEVER come back.

And if that’s not bad enough, the memory of that incident stays with them so if at all they stumble upon your cluttered site later on, they won’t stay 2 seconds before they click the back button and run as fast as their keyboard can carry them Also, your site’s template should look inviting. You can’t expect me to stay in a site that has so many different and terrible color combinations that it hurts the eyes to even look at them. You also shouldn’t have a site that is so unremarkable that once the audience gets what they want, they never come back. Remember, that the goal is to get a dedicated audience. Ones that will always keep looking for you, and they will only do that if they’re impressed with you.

For presenters and online marketers, it is imperative that your audience KNOW what you do immediately they reach your page. Let it be clear that THIS IS WHAT YOU DO. Organizing your page is also imperative as no one likes a cluttered site and will automatically run when they see such. Finally, it would be advisable to dredge up past testimonies or better still reviews for the services or products you’ve sold to your satisfied consumers. Take me for example, no matter who you are, I will not buy a product from you until I read reviews about that product. The buyer would think ‘hmm, if so many people are writing such good things about this product, maybe I should try it too’. It makes them feel safe in their decisions and that leads to a purchase or an appointment (in the case of presenters) and ultimately leads to money for YOU!

#4 Relevant content

I think I have mentioned it before but it’s important to reiterate it again and again. Let me write it in capital letters again just in case. YOU MUST HAVE RELEVANT CONTENT!!

What is he saying?

As a business person, you must be specific in your line of work. You’ve probably heard of this saying, ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’. That is what will keep happening to you if you don’t stick to your content. Your blog is about how to improve someone’s business, and there is something like this somewhere on your site ‘Manchester United defeats Real Madrid (it’s not possible; Madrid for life) 1 nil at old Trafford on the 27th of May’.

Please tell me, how does this help anybody’s business? How can this make more people to patronize my shop or site? I came to your site to get tips on how to improve my business and you’re telling me……… This is exactly what is going on in the minds of your audience when you don’t post RELEVANT CONTENT. I’m not saying your site shouldn’t have more than one specification but IF at all it should have, let it be organized. Do not let the section for sports clash with that of education, the section of news clash with that of business. Those that usually stick to one line make it quicker than those accumulating more sections over and over and over.

Believe me, if you do that, you can never be good at it and its usually the good ones who make it. If you’re a presenter and marketer, let us know what you are. If you sell online let us know you sell. It’s easier this way to attract RELEVANT AUDIENCE to your site.

All things being equal, Relevant Content will always be equal to Relevant Audience
Or if you prefer to be mathematical; RC=RA

If you follow the tips above, you can be assured of a significant increase in patronage of your business.



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