How to Improve Job Satisfaction for Employees in Nigeria

Employee job satisfaction is one of the main advantages many big companies in Nigeria have attained success. They understand that every employee, regardless of your status or position, is very important for achieving the organizational goals. Job satisfaction increases commitment and loyalty of employees in Nigeria and this is one of the advantage of some multinationals companies in Nigeria.

By increasing job satisfaction for employees in Nigeria, you are also improving their inputs, because a happy employee gives his best to the organization he works with. Just as other professions like teachers, nurses, doctors etc. performs very well when they are satisfied with their job, some other people may not be able to perform their best because of how they are treated within the organization. And when such attitude is constantly repeated among employees or professions, it will gradually lead to the failure of that organization.

Employers and managers needs to learn how to increase job satisfaction among employees in Nigeria to enable them achieve great success, build great teams and become a top player in the industry. Below is how employers can improve job satisfaction in Nigeria among employees.

How to Improve Job Satisfaction for Employees in Nigeria

How to Improve Job Satisfaction for Employees in Nigeria

How to improve job satisfaction for employees in Nigeria

1. Employee orientation

This is the first thing every organization is expected to do in accordance to their corporate culture. Giving employees orientation about the company will help them understand why the company is in the business by providing them with the organizational mission and vision. Giving them the right guidelines and informing them everything on the rules of conduct, organizational hierarchy chart, chain of commands, business partners etc. will also boost the morale of employee to attain the organization objectives.

2. Workforce engagement

This is the ability of an employee in Nigeria to commit emotionally and intellectually by giving their best, indulged to the organizational values, affirm to contribute to the organizational success and feel enthusiastic about their work.  A clear specification of roles to all employees will allow every employee knows what he or she is expected to do.  Employers are expected to keep their promises, maintain positive attitude towards their employees.  Employees are expected to be included in team works, focused on clear goals, trusted and engaged, getting general and useful input to achieve the organization goals.

3. Positive work environment

There must be some kind of harmony and understanding in the middle of work and personal life. Having that feeling of equal respect among all employees will enhance work fulfillment for employees since they will feel that they’re not ignoring other aspects of their lives that are also good for them. It is the role of an employer to create a good positive work environment that will open communications between employer and employee so that both parties could express their self-more better.

4. Be tolerant

As Nigeria is comprised of many ethnic groups, every organization is expected to tolerate the existence or behavior of some employees that they may not agree with as long as it is not included in the organizational Dos and Don’ts. Tolerance from employers will give the employee a sense of belonging and satisfaction towards his job.

5. Job security

Employers should give job security to their employers by thinking about their future and providing assurance that will guarantee protection. There are different approaches to give professional stability, some are pensions or large payoffs arrangements are better as it helps them to put something aside for their future. A few organizations should also work towards partnering with some insurance companies in Nigeria to provide health insurance for their respective organization.

6. Promotions

By stating clearly the organizational hierarchy and years one can work in the organization to attain it, promoting employees at due course is an essential part of employees job satisfaction in Nigeria. Every employee will give his best to meet a milestone if there is a promotion awaiting the best performance.

7. Recognizing performance

Managers or Supervisors should constantly monitor the work of their subordinates on performance level and devise straightforward acknowledgment programs as a team on how to recognize those individuals. The acknowledgment projects should be focused on giving inspiration, motivation to employees who deserves it and this will increase the level of job satisfaction among employees.

8. Offer benefits

Employers should offer benefits and compensation to employees when the organization has achieved an aspired milestone in Nigeria.  Offering benefits makes the employees knows that their overall works have achieved an important objective for the organization and this will enable them to deliver more efficiently and effectively.

9. Respect employees

All employees regardless of his or her position in an organization require equal respect. In the event that a Manager tries to welcome his subordinates and share a couple of words once in a day, then the Manager is certain to see the degree of improvement it creates. The people who don’t have this pattern or propensity are to be urged and guided to roll out improvements on how to respect their employees. Respect is a two way service as employer have to respect their employees while employee have to respect their employers. This will create an atmosphere and opportunity to share love, peace and harmony and will increase the productivity of employees into achieving the companies’ goals in Nigeria.

10. Mentoring and coaching

Training some employees or availing programs on how some employees’ skills will be developed is a good strategy in improving the overall satisfaction of employees in Nigeria. They will understand that the organization cares more for them and wants them to be the best they can be by developing their skills. Coaching some employees will enable them to be exposed to information related to their jobs that will aid them to meet the organizational mission and vision.

Organization who treat their employees very well are found to have better profitability and increase in sales as employees in turn perform well to their customers. It is the responsibility of employers and managers to make sure that their employees obtain a good level of job satisfaction in Nigeria.

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