Top 9 Car Insurance Tips in Nigeria

These are the car insurance tips in Nigeria that will be very useful for drivers in Nigeria:

  1. Car Insurance Tips: Never Stop Shopping Around

Always Remember: you can change your insurance coverage anytime you want to. If you see any good deal, you can go for it. Before you change to another coverage plan, you should ensure you call up your insurance company and see if they are eager to match their opponent’s price. Most insurance firms are ready to bargain a little bit in order to hold their customers.

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  1. Car Insurance Tips: Drive Less

The less distance you rack up, the less amount of money you will have to pay when it comes time for the time to renew your insurance plan. Find other ways to go around like bicycling, carpooling or using public transportation.

  1. Car Insurance Tips: Don’t Put Your Whole Family on your Insurance

If anybody in your family wants to make use of your car, you can always give your insurance company a call a few days ahead and keep your policy updated. Always remember to call your insurance firm back and tell them you are no longer in need of the extra coverage after your family member finishes making use of your car.

  1. Car Insurance Tips: Ask About Discounts

Car insurance companies offer all sort of discounts, but it’s left to you to know about them. If you working in medicine line, education or engineering or if your car is fully equipped with the newest safety features, your insurance firm may be eager to reduce your insurance costs.

  1. Car Insurance Tips: Maintain a Good Driving Record

Always reduce your speed, because If you get caught driving with full speed on several occasions, your car insurance company will start seeing you as a dangerous driver and raise the price of your insurance.

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  1. Car Insurance Tips: If You Don’t Commute to Work, Let Your Insurance Company Know

If you don’t drive your car to work, be sure to inform your car insurance agent. Several insurance companies will always give you a discount if you mainly use your car for recreational purposes.

  1. Car Insurance Tips: Don’t Pay Monthly

Most car insurance companies will charge you an extra fee if you choose to pay every month instead of the usual every six months. Avoid the extra fee and go with six-month or annual payment plans in order to save money.

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  1. Car Insurance Tips: Opt Out of Extra Car Rental Coverage

Some car insurance packages have non-compulsory car rental insurance selections that move you into zero deductible position while driving a rental. If you have a deductible on your usual insurance, why opt for a zero deductible just because you are driving a rental?

  1. Car Insurance Tips: Opt Out of Towing Coverage

If you obtain a basic crash coverage, hauling costs are covered already if you get involved in a wreck. If you have an extra tire in your car and you are good at making slight auto repairs, you perhaps won’t need hauling for anything else– so don’t pay for it.