About 10000 Nigerians Want to Buy Benz With Pants Every Month

10000 Nigerians Want to Buy Benz With Pants Every Month

It’s no news that there have been a trend recently in Nigeria where Internet fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Boys are stealing/robbing ladies underwears at gunpoint.

It’s believed that these Nigerian Yahoo boys steal pants from ladies for charms which will help them make quick money from their fraudulent internet activities online.

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Yahoo boys in Nigeria are popularly known to own Benz cars and live flamboyant lives on social media.

On a quest to know the rate at which Nigerian boys are eager to go about how to buy benz with pants from ladies and the number of people interested in taking that path, we carried out quick research online and discovered that about 10,000 Nigerians are searching for the following words on Google every month.

number of yahoo boys buy benz with pant

  • what can i use to buy benz pant
  • How to buy benz with pant
  • Buy benz with pants
  • how to become a yahoo boy
  • How to become a successful yahoo boy
  • Yahoo boy format
  • Latest yahoo format

And a host of other terms people are using to search for how to become a Nigerian yahoo boy.

Benz of a Nigerian Yahoo boys

Taking a closer look on similar words searched by Yahoo boys in Nigeria,

Below are the terms and their statistics

Word/Phrase Searched Number Of People Searching for It Per Month
yahoo format for dating 100-1000
scammer format message 100-1000
date format online 100-1000
latest dating format 100-1000
format used by Yahoo boys 10-100
military date format 1000-10000
yahoo dating site 100-1000
dating format for man 100-1000
dating format message 100-1000
latest scamming format 100-1000
yahoo boy dating format 100-1000
dating format 1000-10000
scam format 1000-10000
how to become a yahoo boy 100-1000

the result for the table above is different from the screenshot posted above, meaning, if the numbers are summed up, we will arrive at a whopping number of 4000-40000.

However, the number given here is not the exact results, as there are other terms not recorded in this table and some overestimated from the table.

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But on average, we have about 5000-50000 Nigerians wanting to become Internet Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) every month.

Looking at this figure we could tell that the Bad image of Nigeria with respect to Fraud and cyber crimes isn’t going to stop anytime soon, but then, there is a remedy.

On solving this issue of stopping Nigerians from getting involved with Internet fraud activities, the Government should not just create well-paying jobs, but also create friendly policies that will enable the private sector to thrive in the country.

That way, a lot of business will perform well and employ the jobless graduates off the streets who are getting involved with these scam activities because they have nothing to do and needs to survive.

Nigeria is rich in human and natural resources and should be among the most well talked about nations in the world.

  • There is cheap human labor in Nigeria
  • There is good topography and land for agriculture and industrialization.

We have the creativity and unique minds, but then, the government still have a lot of things to fix which will go a long way to impact the depreciated moral values of Nigerians who hypocritically act holy out there but very corrupt to deal with.

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