Never Make This Money Mistake, Else, You’ll go Broke Like Charles

What Kind of Saver are you?

Before you rush to answer this question, I would really want you to think very carefully.

It’s OK if ordinarily, you’re a natural saver. But will you look the other way should you notice your friend/sister/ brother isn’t?

Convincing to save isn’t easy; I know that. Especially when one is all head wrapped in the reason he spends. Ask him anytime, the reason he spends is justified so trust me no one blames you if you’re reluctant with your savings.

…it’s not your fault after all. No thanks to the use of bank mobile App, ATM cards and POS transactions for all kinds of purchases.

They’re lots of side distractions that can turn an objective saver to a careless saver; while few spend money on drinks, clubs, clothing, etc., mine is “BET”.

Yea! You heard me; bet.

It has been designed so beautifully in such a way that the thought of winning N1000000 with just N100 keeps me awake into the night.

I got so deep into bet that I spent half of my day on prediction sites studying football winning and keeping tracks of matches and their previous winning.

I had one strategy then, study 6-7 good clubs; understand their strengths and weaknesses and bet. Betting home win or away win (1/2) wasn’t really my thing.

…because although football can’t be predicted a times., I would rather play a safe game of Ov 1.5, Ov 2.5 (especially with strong teams like Barcelona, Olympiacos, PSG, Inter Milan, AC Roma and their likes) and 12 in at least 2 different ways than play home win, or away win.

It always worked for me. I won most of the times and loose few as well.

But like all gamblers; the desire to play and win more grew. I searched for bet/prediction channels on BBM; paid an unknown person to share a supposed fixed HT/FT game… and BOOM I started winning big!

The odds were high, the stakes were higher… although I loosed more than I bargained for, I couldn’t control what I was doing.

My account kept draining; (of course, my ATM was attached to my bet account so it was always easy to top up) and I was 110% very optimistic I will win back every single dime I’ve lost.

Even when my love for winning turned into greed and then desperation, I still couldn’t stop myself. Instead, I jumped from one bank to another until my total balance was N4000…

My eye became clearer…at this point I was broke!!!

I had an automatic brain reset when I went back to my dashboard and calculated my losses. But then, what can the son of man do but to start saving afresh?

It’s painful all those money gone, It’s painful there was no “digital savings tool like Sumobank” that could help restrict my withdrawal (3years ago), it’s painful everyone around me were gamblers too and no one could really stop us.

That was me; 3years ago. How about you today? What kind of saver are you?

– target driven saver

  • objective saver
  • or careless saver

Wouldn’t you prefer to save wisely?

Have you ever thought of building a betting shop from your winning? Have you ever considered splitting your winning and lock up one part (in order not to withdraw it) of it so as to earn 10-15% interest per annum?

Have you ever calculated the much bet shop owners make from your losses?

If you’re considering that; then start by

  1. creating a Sumobank account here
  2. attach your card,
  3. set a Mission, save and thank me later.

Learn from my mistakes and these are money mistakes to avoid in your 20s and 30s, don’t be like me!!!

Download the Sumobank App Google Play Store here.



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