FARMCENTA Unmask CENTAVESTING Investment Platform

FARMCENTA Unmask CENTAVESTING Investment Platform.

Centavesting Investment

The Nigerian based agricultural company by name “FERMCENTA” has just made public “CENTAVESTING” a young investment platform for the creation of sustainable abundance.

For a long period, Nigeria and her citizens have left agricultural practices in search of other means of survival. With the recent trends, it looks like the boats have been turned as can be seen in the springing up of agricultural investment platforms within the country. FARMCENTA is an Agritech company situated in Nigeria. By this, it is clear that they seek to enhance the standard of living of the Nigerian people through agriculture.

FARMCENTA has therefore gone to the lengths of creating and unveiling a brand new business platform named CENTAVESTING for investors to explore. CENTAVESTING is therefore an investment platform created for the generation of sustainable wealth for her investors.

The growing platform has claimed to connect available investors with thousand of opportunities in real estate, Agriculture, transportation as well as many other business opportunities in the various sectors.

In a bit to ensure smooth administration, information has been circulated that investors existing on the Farmcenta will not have to go through the rigors of creating new accounts when moving over to Cantavesting.

Further assurance was given that those old investors on the Farmcenta platform, upon acceptance will have their data and personal details successfully transferred to the Centavesting platform.

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With this statement, it implies that those transferred investors will be participants of both platforms as they will have access still to products of Farmcenta platform as well as the investment opportunities to be unmasked on the new Centavesting platform.

As regards new investors, a direct sign up on the Centavesting platform is all that is required. They also do not have claims on the Farmcenta platform as they are not old investors.

The Centavesting platform has formed its goals as they hope to accomplish the position of a leading investment platform, providing productive strategies in increasing the financial power and stamina for her valued investors.

This platform has a major goal of supporting the generation of resources to sustain the “Development goals agenda”

The Centavesting platform has channeled its attention towards the designing of a promising future, by making available productive investment outlets for her stakeholders, who will, in turn, generate reasonable returns even as they contribute to social good.

Having laid down a strong foundation, alterations are currently ongoing in their operating pattern. This is to provide the best remedy to issues as they spring up, as well as solve the problems of their subscribers to provide the ultimate satisfaction for all investors involved.

The chief executive officer by the name of Ademola Akinyemi has further buttressed these points by explaining Centavesting to be “innovatively designed to replicate the current business model of Farmcenta across other sectors, connecting investors with unique and profitable opportunities to earn decent returns and also contribute to social good across different sectors”.

There was further clarification on who ought to participate in the business. In light of that Ademola categorically stated that it was open to everyone who wished to participate and make a profit.



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