Seplat Group to Partner Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) For The Building Of A Multi-Billion Gas Plant In Imo State

Seplat Group to Partner Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) For The Building Of A Multi-Billion Gas Plant In Imo State

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The SEPLAT Group which majors in oil-gas has taken a bold step towards a partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) to station a costly oil gas plant in Asaa located in Ohaji-Egbema Local Government Area Imo State. It is on record that this gas plant is a multi-billion naira one.

This message was brought to the eyes of the public by his excellency, the Executive Governor of Imo state “Sen. Hope Uzodinma upon the commissioning of the multi-billion naira project in the state.

During the commissioning of this costly gas plant project, the Executive Governor stood side by side with the able chairman of the Seplat in the person of  B.A.C Ojiako together with his administrative team.

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There has been so much unemployment in Imo state for new graduates and youths, as regards to that the governor Hope Uzodinma guaranteed residents and people inhabiting this community that with the establishment of this multi-billion naira oil-gas plant in their location, heavy Employment Opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor is sure to abound. And this time for all available persons in the community. This he explained as a win-win scenario for everyone.

The governor took his time to strike out the fears of government delinquency and probable collaboration with this oil company that will negatively affect the situation of the community and the local government area at large.

Brief History Of The The Gas Plant Project

The managing director of the Seplat group  B.A.C Ojiako has given information about the project and parties involved in the exercise. He said that the consensus of both the Seplat group and the NNPC was the grounds for the project. In that sense, he asserted that 50% signature of the Seplat and 50% signature of NNPC, was the footings of the multi-billion Naira gas plant at Ohaji Egbema in a village called Assa, all in Imo state.

After the Executive Governor of Imo state had observed all that was cooking he said: “I was present at the multi-billion Naira Gas Project situated at the Asaa village in Ohaji Egbema. I stood present with the Seplat chief,  B.A.C Ojiako together with his group of administrators”.

Concerning his promises, the governor reminded the people saying “I gave full assurance to the good people of the Asia Society, saying that my leadership will sit as an umpire to make certain that the long-awaited development is drawn to the people by this remarkable group called the Seplat Group” about the past, Governor Hope Uzodinma said “Gone and forgotten are the periods that Oil Companies collaborate with selected community authorities to exploit and take advantage of the rest of the host communities.

The governor was passionate when he said that “The leadership in Imo state will not nurture any predicament where these different oil firms go about sharing money to the heads of the host towns. He said, that in place of that, “we guarantee that expansion projects such as good roads, standard hospitals, and

modern schools are made available as this will be gestures of the corporation’s community relations/welfare services.

On availability of employment to indigenous, His Excellency said “I enlightened the people that I have the affirmations from the corporation to make sure that employment for both unskilled and skilled laborers in their company be made available.

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On the side of the community he urged them to be a good host saying “however, I urge this community to be a decent host to the organization to enable a win-win climate for both the company and the community”

The governor seemed pleased with the doings of the company as he confessed that “moreover, I applaud the Managing Director of the Seplat Group in the person of B.A.C Ojiako, for his kind gestures to humanity and bringing growth and advancements to the Imo state host community, and the country on a large scale.

Development is always a product of steady growth in industries and infrastructure. From the ongoings of this development in the state, there is hope for IMO state citizens as developments in the site. Meanwhile, there is no much great investment as the multi-billion Naira plant to be built by the plant in collaboration with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission(NNPC) in Imo state.



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