Standards Organization Of Nigeria (SON) To Stop Immediately the Registration of Imitation Brands

Standards Organization Of Nigeria (SON) To Stop Immediately the Registration of Imitation Brands


With the recent courtesy visit paid by well-meaning members of the Alaba International Amalgamated Traders Association to the SON Director-General in Lagos, rumors have gone around that the decision to stop the registration of imitation brands could be the brainchild of the courtesy visit.

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Among the group that paid this visit is the Director of the “DG’s” office, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) Lagos chapter, the Executive Chairman of the General Electric Dealers Association of Nigeria(GEDAN) in the person of Mohammed Kabir, the Head of the Alaba Joint Traders Association(JTA) Ichie Fabian Ezorjika, the SON Director-General Salim A. Farouk, the Respected Director of SON “Charles Nnabuike Odoh”, and finally the Director of Inspectorate and Compliance Department SON in the person of Obiora Manawa.

These imitation/cloned categories are biting out heavy lumps of market investment and wealth, out of the hands of the original manufacturers, of these products.

It was in light of this development that the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) read out the act for a riot to the promoters of these imitation brands. All to skillfully checkmate imitation and low-quality goods in the Nigerian state.

Mallam Farouk Salim, who happens to be the Director-General of SON, illustrated that the agency would dissuade any registration of merchandise that has an identical corporate name in line with an existent commodity. He further pointed to that same fate meets those brands who hide under the names of flourishing enterprises to walleye ignorant consumers.

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The statement made by Salim, came to public notice in a meeting with the leaders of the Alaba International amalgamated traders association who paid him a visit in the SON Office Lagos.

In providing a solution to this issue, the director Salim further stated that “The problem of imitation brands would be difficult if to be handled alone by the SON, but moving forward, auditing the commodities we register and certify is our next action”.

Breaking his solution down, he said: “at any point when a fresh merchandise arrives, looking similar to an already registered and certified product popular in the market, efforts will be made to discourage such registration with the same company name to encourage proper identification”. He expressed that by such actions tracing goods not yet in circulation would be easy and effective.

Still at the meeting the SON Director-General disclosed his plot to improve the Standards Organisation Nigeria(SON) degree of engagement with the stakeholders and leaders in the Nigerian Fields, starting from the Alaba International Market. It was also established that the action by the SON group will assist in protecting the interests of the business community as it secures properties and lives.

It was said that things will be put in place to enable the SON to work effectively with leaders and stakeholders of the business community towards sensitizing the same community on the pressing need to guarantee the safety and standard of every product, and where crooked individuals remain unrepentant, prosecution becomes inevitable.

The Director-General of the SON made a remarkable statement, he said “We are here to labor with them therefore making their assignment easier. Why we go the extra mile to protect their welfare is resulting from the fact that they are Nigerians who are employing other persons, therefore, doing what required to be done”.

Further stating he said, “we are looking forth to collaborating with them to make sure that every person in their circle, defaulting or not doing the correct thing is motivated to do the correct thing in the future.”

He emphasized the efforts of Son do far by saying “We are searching for these market chairpersons, and we would scheme to join hands with these stakeholders to sensitize and equip them with knowledge on the safety of property and life”

Pointing out to those in the habit of breaking the law, his statements were clear when he said “As for those individuals still breaking the rules, the rules will be enforced either through the court or through the appropriate regulatory body.

Reaching out to the community through our various sensitization programs on the dangers/negative effects of imitation and substandard goods on the business community will also be a strategy we will use he said.

Emphasis on offending parties was made when he said: “The stakeholders have assured us of cooperation, therefore, those persons who are doing the wrong thing would be found out and punished”.

Stating the mission he said, “The idea is for us to go on cooperating, go on with candor, and carry about our activities being fair with each other”.

Nearing conclusion he emphasized cooperation saying “We want you people to be our sight organ on the market. Enable us to make this task simply because we being out there is to your best interest, to make you more competitive”.

Urging them to start work he said: “Let us unite to make this happen as we would be catching up with everyone in the market”.

After a long oration, the Executive Head of the Electrical Dealers Association of Nigeria (EDAN) whose name is Fabian Ezeorjika, revealed that there is an existing alliance with SON to attain a substandard and imitation-free market already.

He pledged the association’s devotion to struggling with the SON to eliminate the bad eggs inside the market. He further said that the league had formed a Joint Task Force that comprised of the Standards Organization Of Nigeria (SON) officials who are presently running a “caveat emptor(buyer beware) campaign” in the market.

He said that the SON has eradicated a lot of commodities while some of our partners are in court presently. He said that they are going to boost the level of teamwork with the SON because they too want to see the end to substandard goods in Nigeria.

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He, therefore, called on the Standards Organization Of Nigeria (SON) to stimulate local production, as it is the best way to generate abundance and job openings for the increasing teeming youths of Nigeria.

In his words, he said “We, therefore, need to establish a facilitative atmosphere for local production. Importation of goods only provides job opportunities for the individuals we import from. We must therefore provide an outlet to boost our local production”.

From this article, we can see that all hopes are not lost as efforts are being made to create an inclusive atmosphere.



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