Zedcrest Capital Funds TalentQL With $300,000 Pre-seed Capital

Zedcrest Capital Funds TalentQL With $300,000 Pre-seed Capital

TalentQL, is an African incubator company focused on talent outsourcing and Zedcrest capital led a generation of $300,000 pre-seed under TalentQL.

TalentQL is a company formed in November 2020. The founders of Jobberman, Techpoint Africa, and DevCareer are responsible for this development.

The company has as its primary assignment, building a channel of good talents for companies in Africa. It has also taken the bold step to search and direct raw talents for managing international companies from Nigeria.

This new company has as its model building universities and campuses all around serene African cities. That is to say that it seeks to put up educational structures in African cities with less crowd and closeness to top tertiary institutions. They have gone ahead to conduct research stating that by doing such, a fertile talent building and development platform is provided.

The CEO of TalentQL, Adewale Yusuf, has gone ahead to state the mission of the young company. Without missing words, he claimed, “Our mission is to help progressive companies build solid remote teams and a pipeline of quality talent”.

He further went ahead to explain the reason for the fund generation led by Zedcrest capital. Stating ” This pre-seed funding allows us to kickstart this mission and we are convinced that what we are doing at TalentQL will change the African talent landscape”.

He buttressed these points by saying “We believe that talent is Africa’s greatest export and as such needs to be developed and refined. With over 60% of the Nigerian population under the age of 25, there is no better place than this country to begin building a home for Africa’s top talent”


Thanking all the persons who made contributions and investment to this course, he affirmed “We are grateful to the investors that are betting on us for the journey, our lead investor Zedcrest Capital and some of the known entrepreneurs and investors like Kola Aina, Prosper Otemuyiwa” it is clear from the tone of his voice that he feels positive on this newly embarked journey.

Responding towards the same course, the CEO of Zedcrest capital said that “We are excited to be backing TalentQL, the 20th firm in our Ventures at Zedcrest initiative”. He brought to lam light the value of African talents by asserting that “African talents are undoubtedly competing favorably globally, and TalentQL’s work will expand the available talent pool to further improve Africa’s representation in the global technology talent space”

He finally showed confidence in the course when he said “It is a no brainer to be betting on the team behind the TalentQL, they are entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses, and we have no doubt they will replicate the same success here”

History of the TalentQL


This company has a reputation for developing, hiring, and managing local talents for worldwide companies. TalentQL has boasted that they better the quality of life at the same time reducing the personal cost to a third.

The brains behind the setting up of this company are Adewale Yusuf, Akintunde Sultan, and Opeyemi Awoyemi.

This is the first of its kind in Africa and all eyes are watching how this success story will get to be written.





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