Top 7 Methods to Make Money on The Internet 2020

Top Methods to Make Money on the Internet

You have probably read plenty of stories about individuals who have started from zero and became rich working on the internet. While some of these stories tend to be a bit of an exaggeration, the internet marketing continues to grow, especially among the younger generation which is tech-savvy. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the state of the job market. Finally, if there is an opportunity to work on your own and not dealing with annoying colleagues and supervisors, why wouldn’t one take advantage of such an opportunity. If you happen to be looking for a change in career, or maybe start a passive income source, be sure to read further.

  • Dropshipping


Whenever such a list appears, dropshipping is definitely among the most popular methods at the moment. E-commerce has been going strong for many years now but it would seem that regular e-shops are no longer the go-to option. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of entrepreneurs who have doubts about dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping? Can You Really Run a Business Without Inventory? These are just two examples of questions that you can expect to see whenever there are discussions about the topic. There have been some doubts about print on demand for eCommerce too.  Well, no matter what the general public might think, dropshipping continues to bring plenty of profit to those who are willing to work

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Everybody can write a blog these days. There are plenty of platforms that do not even charge for hosting. Of course, once you establish a number of readers, you should move to a dedicated hosting server.

As far as the monetization goes, there’s a plethora of ways to do that. Some prefer to stick with pop-up or regular ads, others try to strike an affiliate partnership. Finally, you can ask your readers to support you on crowdfunding sites, such as Patreon.

  • YouTube


The most popular video website on the internet will always accept those who can create engaging and unique content. It takes time to grow a channel but even a single video going viral will bring you a lot of traction. And as long as your subscriber count is going up, it means that you are doing things right.

Video-editing is also an option, especially now that so many YouTube channels have dedicated editors.

how to become a good copywriter

All the slogans, ad texts, and call-to-action headlines you see online have not been written by some random person. No, everyone who wants to make sales online or simply increase their presence hire copywriters. This particular position is different than a regular writer because the goal is to write catchy pieces that will make readers buy, subscribe, watch, etc. Once you master these skills, you can expect to see a lot of money coming your way.

How to Choose Long Tail Keywords

Seo word collected of wooden game elements

Another crucial part of any internet project. While SEO might seem important for just websites, that is not the case. Social media posts, YouTube video descriptions, images, forums, and plenty of other types of internet projects are desperate for organic traffic. As long as the page is optimized, you can expect to see a lot more visitors. It should be a no-brainer why those who can afford a good specialist invest so much money in search engine optimization.

  • Graphic Design

best graphics design softwares

If there is one piece of skill that guarantees enough work as a freelancer, it has to be design. Logos, covers, and much more will be part of your growing portfolio. Learning this craft takes time and given how many people are studying design in universities, you can expect a lot of competition. However, a number of great designers do not have an education in this field, but they continue to be recognized and hired.

  • Twitch TV

Twitch TV logo

The gaming industry is in the golden age these days and a lot of people have become dedicated streamers on Twitch TV. The money comes from donations or deals with sponsors. It is somewhat similar to YouTube, and as long as you can entertain your viewers and grow as a channel, there is plenty of money to be made from it.

  • Flipping on eBay

flipping on ebay

Plenty will tell that eBay is no longer what it was. While it might hold some merit, you can still make a decent amount here, especially now that quite a few sellers have moved on to other places. The number of visitors eBay receives is still pretty big, and if you can find a niche that allows taking advantage of your knowledge, it could be the perfect method for you.

So there you have it. If you have a goal to make money on the internet, either of these methods will be plenty good as long as you are willing to learn and try out new things.




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