How to Get Started with Internet Business in Nigeria

Internet Business in Nigeria

Before now, an average Nigerian believed it was never possible to make a decent income from the internet. Reasons may vary but the truth is that you can make money from the internet by either investing into an existing online business, take your business online or help improve the lives of people on the internet, whichever way, there is no need for you wasting time about starting an internet business in Nigeria.

There are proves and a lot of evidence has been able to convince the doubting “Thomases” in Nigeria that making money online in Nigeria is not a virtual myth but virtual reality. One of the top Nigerian Bloggers like Linda Ikeji is pulling over one hundred and fifty million yearly from blogging.

Are u still doubting the good opportunities of starting an internet business today? The check out the list of the top Nigerian Bloggers.

If you are in with me, then check out the secrets of making money in an online business in Nigeria.

Reason Why You Should Start An Internet-Based Business

Jack Ma, the richest man in China was asked how he made his money and he simply said “I made my money by working and evolving with change while you were wondering if it will work” he went further to explain why The rich people back then are being overtaken by younger once and the reason is simple. It because the younger once tend to adapt to the changes faster than the old people who believed in methods that worked in the past.

When instant messengers devices like Phones came out, Letter writing and mail deliveries slumped, when Whatsapp, Wechat came into existence, Texting and mailing slumped, When digital cameras came out, film separation went into nearly extinction, When the internet came out, Gradually, education, research and Businesses started making great ways. Here is the 7 predictions about the Future of media in the internet according to business Insider.

So, it is no longer new news that the world has become a global village. many businesses and business activities now take place over the internet and businesses are gradually moving from the traditional brick and mortar settings to the internet since communication material and internet access is readily available to any user.

To be frank with you, In a short time from now, you cannot do or transact any business if you are not doing it on the internet. Here is a list of local examples why you should start an internet business and how its evolving.

  1. Few years back, there was nothing like online malls, but today we have Jumia, Yudala, Konga, etc. Know it that Jumia was making more money than one ShopRite on daily basis as of 2015.
  2. The easiest place you can get a quick service job now in Nigeria is online and you can count on and 99desgins for those that need graphics design
  3. A few years back, People manually write JAMB, but now Its computer-based test
  4. I never used or attended a classroom section where a projector is used when I was in secondary school, but now Primary, secondary and tertiary institutions are gradually moving toward digital teaching.
  5. Years back, there was nothing like Online Universities or programs, but now, online school is gradually becoming the next multi-million Naira investment. You can check out National Open University.

Guess I’ve given you enough examples to convince you on this. So it will make sense if you could join the trend now and establish yourself as a strong authority in your field before everyone and their cats catch on to the trend.

Another reason why you should start an internet business in Nigeria is that it is relatively cheap to start. There are even some online businesses that you could start with very little or no money at all; an example is becoming a service provider on, Gig,,, etc. All you need is access to the internet whether via your phone, laptop or computer.

Don’t worry about how to get paid as there are various international payment systems that you can take advantage of.

What you need to start an internet-based business

  1. Dedication and Determination

Unlike other offline businesses, starting and making good money off the internet is can be very challenging, it’s not a day’s job. It takes a lot of time including sleepless nights, hard thinking and energy. If you are not determined to make money online, you’re bound to give up within a short time.

Look at my little story. At gudtalent, you’ll notice it a personal website without any form of Ads the blog but it makes over 100000 Naira Monthly through Public speaking, Affiliate marketing and Business plan writing depending. the blog is not even up to a year old, no Adsense, no advert and yet it’s secretly making money and still thriving to pull millions in few months.

  1. Decide on the business you want to do

You must be very careful in choosing the type of business you want to start online. Starting your internet business, you have to decide on what and the kind of business you want to do. Ask yourself

Do i want to create an online store to sell products like Jumia?

Do i want to make money from building websites for people?

Do i want to create a blog to tell your story and teach people stuffs like Cyber Geak?

In answering this question, you must have to think of the long-term goal. Ask yourself if the type of online business you are about to start is going to feasible.

The ball is in your court and the choice is completely yours to make. If you are confused about the kind of business you should start, Read up how to start an internet business in this year, or you can read up the services or things you can do online to make money.

  1. Write a Business Plan

Yes! I said write a business plan. Many internet businesses are operating without a business plan. Forgetting online businesses should be managed like offline businesses. The way you wake you are meant to go to work every day is the same way you should spend time on your online business. This is where The problem comes in as most people tend to give less time to their internet business and expect the best out of it. If that is your plan, I’m sorry to tell you to try something else.

Don’t make the mistake of not writing a business plan for your internet business you shouldn’t make this mistake. Your internet based-business plan is a blueprint of your business which helps you to stay organized and focused at all times. It will help keep you within a Niche as well as obey the rules of webmasters

  1. Get/Create a Website or Blog

how to create a good website

There is a difference between a website and a blog. A website can contain a blog but a blog can never contain a website. If you have a physical or digital product to sell, then you need a website, but if you don’t have any, but need to promote other people’s products, or write about something, then you need a blog.

Getting a website is not costly, with N25,000-N35,000, you can get a professional business website.

NOTE: If you don’t have money to get a blog, you can use and get a free blog for yourself but if you’re serious about taking your business online, then you need a hosted website. I recommend WordPress as your CMS (Content management system) Use Bluehost to host your site and get a free or premium theme. Do note that the theme must be responsive. Get started with Bluehost Below.

Don’t worry, if you don’t know how to do it, or don’t want to take the risk of doing it yourself, Kindly Contact Us for your professional and SEO optimized WordPress website/blog at just N25,000.

  1. Register with Payoneer or relevant payment processors

Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria

Payoneer is an online payment processing service that allows you to receive payments for your online services. If you are in Nigeria or any other country that is banned from receiving payment by Paypal, then Payoneer is your answer. Getting a Payoneer account is the same as operating a US account from Nigeria, where companies can pay or make a direct deposit into your US account while you withdraw your money using any ATM machine in Nigeria with your confirmed Payoneer MasterCard.

To sign up with Payoneer, Follow this link and create your free account.

Note: to be on the safer side, you are advised not to use your Card details to make payments online with websites you don’t trust. Simply sign up for Paypal, link your card to your account and use PayPal to make payment while you use Payoneer to receive payments.


The campaign to everyone starting an internet business in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. They are a lot of advantages over the disadvantage and any smart fellow will happily grab the opportunity of the new trend.

Starting an internet business in Nigeria is quite an easy process that needs a lot of input, but if you take all the processes I have outlined here seriously, then you will know it’s pretty easy.

Don’t worry am here to help you take you through this process, if you still feel like you need more information on this or need to be clarified better on something you don’t understand, experience a problem along the way, kindly drop your comments for better clarification.

Get started with your website immediately from Bluehost right away.



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