5 Things You Should Do Right Now That The CoronaVirus Panic Is Less

Now That CoronaVirus Panic Is Less, Here are 5 Things To Do Immediately

Indeed, the world for the first time felt something very scary it wasn’t ready for and every nation went into a serious panic. Millions of people were infected and hundreds of thousands died from the CoronaVirus.

The deadly virus crashed the global market and led the world to a halt with every country going into a more than 40-day sit-at-home exercise. The scenarios below are worth taking note of.

St Peter’s square Vatican during the corona virus outbreak

St Peter’s square Vatican during the coronavirus outbreak

Second Scenario with Grand Mosque Mecca

Grand Mosque Mecca Before CoronaVirus

Grand Mosque Mecca During CoronaVirus

You can aso check out the Satellite view of Mecca as seen on CNBC.

While those who have been exposed to the virus were asked to self-isolate for 14 days, those with positive results of the CoronaVirus test were quarantined and taken to isolation centers/hospitals where they receive treatment.

While there are over 500,000 deaths resulting from Covid-19, there were still so many recoveries from the virus, infact that is over 90% recoveries with data seen on Worldometer.

No need going deep into the origin of the deadly coronavirus as that is not the reason for this topic but one thing for sure from the outbreak: Ít caused panic and created new trends for entrepreneurs’

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Because of the Corona Virus shutdown exercise, There was a boom in the activities on the internet across many industries.

  1. Ecommerce companies like Amazon and Walmart added over 200,000 jobs amidst the coronavirus outbreak.
  2. The subscription on Digital Cable like Netflix surged.
  3. Boom in Social media activities. 
  4. Video conferencing and web conferencing become a hot deal with companies like Zoom, seeing over 200% increase in its stock value.
  5. Porn: aside from the more 120 million people that visit porn hub everyday, Worldwide traffic to Pornhub went up to 11.6% on March 17th because of the Corona Virus stay-at-home exercise.

In the cause of this article, I will be sharing 5 new things you should do immediately the Corona Virus panic is over.

Because of the effect of the CoronaVirus, there is going to be better attention to virtual life. People and businesses will begin to embrace the internet more. Below are the;

5 Things You Should Do Right Now That The CoronaVirus Panic Is Less

  • Start Saving and Never make it a second Option Again: 


Sumotrust savings and investment platform in nigeria

A lot of people were put under financial pressure during the Covid-19 lockdown because they don’t have savings or enough savings. While those who had spare cash stashed somewhere safe like SumoTrust fell on their savings for survival, lots of other people who didn’t have savings got into debts which are bad for their personal finance.. This is a wake-up call to everyone who has not been taking savings seriously as it’s very important to have at least 20-30% of your money saved for the rainy days. A platform like SumoTrust is highly recommended and makes saving money very easy. You can save as little as N100 to as much as N5,000,000 daily into your account for a 10-15% interest for every penny saved.

You earn 10% interest for regular savings and 15% interest for fixed deposits.



motute online learning marketplace

While most businesses have come to the realization that having an online presence for their businesses is very important, many businesses will come online and they will be looking out for digital skills to hire. It is at this point that learning digital skills is very important. It will not only increase your skillset, it will also position you for more opportunities. 

Even if no company hires you, you can become a freelancer on popular online freelancing platforms or start an online business.

Some of the best skills to learn are Data analysis, Digital marketing, coding, copywriting, emotional intelligence and management, Affiliate marketing, etc.

To Kickstart your digital skill acquisition, Visit Motute and search from the listed courses directory from reputable instructors and get yourself certified with a digital skill today.

  • Move your Business Online:

how to start building material business

While the internet age has evolved a lot over the last 2 decades, there are still a lot of businesses that have not tapped into the potential of having their businesses online. If you run a business and you’ve been doing well traditionally, there’s every indication that you will even perform better when you bring your business online. You might need to speak or book a consulting session with our growth hacking team to get guide and clarity on how to  move your business online: kindly send an email to admin@entorm.com to kickstart your online journey.

  • Start an Online Side Hustle, Become A Freelancer:

Freelance writing jobs in Nigeria

Online freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online without any cost. Firstly, you need to be highly skilled in something that people are willing to pay for online. It is only on this condition that freelancing online will work for you. 

Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, 99designs, etc will help you kickstart your journey to generating good money on the internet.

If the online freelance marketplaces are pretty competitive and seem not to work fast for you, you might consider putting a good effort into building a reputable personal brand on social media where you will eventually get leads that will become your paying customers to build a sustainable business as a freelancer.

  • Learn How To Sell – Marketing

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Everything is about buying and selling. Salespeople are hot on the internet and becoming a salesperson and helping brands grow their revenue will put you in the spotlight.

To become a good salesperson, you must first learn to master the skills of good communication, copywriting, and emotional intelligence. These 3 skills combined together will make you highly valued and brands will keep hunting you for jobs. You can start by checking some of our marketing resources here.




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