Full Biography And Net Worth Of Odunayo Eweniyi

Full Biography And Net Worth Of Odunayo Eweniyi

biography of Odunayo Eweniyi

Almost every Nigerian knows about Piggyvest. Odunayo Eweniyi is a lion-hearted young lady and the co-founder of Piggyvest. She also co-founded PushCV and Wine & Whine Nigeria, in November 2018, a woman empowerment community, together with Damilola Odufuwa. She is a driven and dedicated individual.

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The biography of Odunayo Eweniyi is an eye-opener to what an average middle-class individual goes through to succeed in Nigeria. It’s also one of following your dreams and getting invested in what your heart yearns for.

Birth and early life

The biography of Odunayo Eweniyi typically starts from her birth. She was born and christened Odunayo Eweniyi, in Abeokuta, Ogun State, on the 23rd of December 1993. She was born as the first child of two parents who are professors.

She was a geek and was thoroughly invested in her books, so primary and secondary school was a walk in the park for her. She attended Covenant University, where she met her business Co-founders too. She graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering as against the Medicine and Surgery she initially wanted to study.

When she was interviewed, Odunayo said she opted for Computer Engineering, because she believed she didn’t have enough empathy to study Medicine. Covenant University was her choice because she wanted to avoid the case of incessant strikes in Nigerian public universities.

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Personal life

Odunayo Eweniyi is not yet married and not in a hurry to do so. Her heart is set on taking PiggyVest to the next level. She longs, however, to enter into the educational sector later in life.


biography of Odunayo Eweniyi

Odunayo graduated from Covenant University at the top of her class and with a first-class in the year 2013. She was already in sync with her parent’s decision for her to do a Master’s degree and had already been accepted in two Ivy League schools, but fate had other decisions.

On her way back from a job interview, she met her former schoolmate and present colleague and Co-founder, Somto Ifezue, who invited her to come work with them. She eventually joined and began working with Parolz, a discount card start-up. Her decision was mainly on her trust for Somto and his creativity.

As a Parolz employee, Odunayo handled operations, social media, and every other thing she could handle. While working in Parolz, she also had things doing on the side, like writing with Techcabal and doing interviews with Bankole Oluwafemi.

While handling Parolz, Somto began to work on CV Flash, a service that helped individuals who are unable to write proper a Curriculum Vitae. Odunayo began to help out with the CV service after a while, and they focused on it after they realized Parolz was not working. This gave birth to PushCV.

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PushCV differentiated itself from Jobberman by sending out pre-screened CVs to find the most suitable candidates for the job, unlike Jobberman which sent everything.

Odunayo Eweniyi and Somto formed a team by August 2014 and applied for investment from Olumide Soyombo’s Leadpath Nigeria. They got the grant of $25,000 and office space in Yaba, after a meeting with Olumide Soyombo.

PushCV became very successful and the team became discomfited, as they wanted a fresh challenge. Following an update on social media, of an individual who showed how much she had saved with a wooden saving vault, one of the team members, Josh Chibueze began to look for ways to digitize saving. By January 2016, the first version of Piggybank was ready. Fast-forward to April 2016, Piggybank was ready to be used by the public.

Building Piggybank was not easy. In desperate times, the six members of the team pooled finances to make things work. There are actually six members of the Piggybank team, but three, including Odunayo, were voted to be the public faces and visible co-founders of Piggybank.

Piggybank was eventually changed to PiggyVest after an investment platform was added to it. They raised $1.1m in seed investment in 2016. They confirmed that over 250,000 individuals use the platform and have saved a total of $20 million in 3 years.

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From the biography of Odunayo Eweniyi, you will know that she is not your regular African girl. She would pick boots over heels and is generally a homebody. Odunayo would rather stay home and stretch her legs, than get all dressed up to go out. She is not one to be considered fashionable. She is not very concerned about marriage and takes life easy. She loves education and plans to get into the educational sector but is presently concerned with Piggybank. She suspects the trait is from her parents, as they are both educationists.

Awards and recognition

The biography of Odunayo Eweniyi would not be complete without the several awards and recognitions she has received.

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Some of the several awards she has won include

  • OkayAfrica’s 100 Women Honoree for the year 2020.
  • Lord’s Achievers Award Honoree for the year 2020.
  • Most Influential Young Nigerian in Science and Technology for the year 2019.
  • Her Network Technology Woman of the Year for the year 2019.
  • Featured Speaker, World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings in 2019.
  • YTech100 2019 Honoree.
  • Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 in the year 2019.
  • Forbes Africa Top 20 New Wealth Creators for 2019.
  • Wealth and Society Asian Banker Entrepreneur of the year 2019.
  • Quartz Africa 30 Innovators for the year 2019.
  • Leading ladies Africa 100 Most Inspiring Women in the year 2019.
  • BusinessDay’s Spark 2019.
  • The Future Awards Africa Prize in Technology for the year 2018.
  • YNaija Most Influential People in Technology for years 2017 and 2018.


The biography of Odunayo Eweniyi is an interesting read. She has succeeded in the Tech sector despite how difficult it is for women to succeed there. She has given in a lot to succeed and shown that with dedication and grit you can succeed. Odunayo is excited to be in the position to help young Nigerians achieve financial intelligence by saving and investing in a secure platform. Odunayo is set to achieve even greater things in times to come.

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