How to Cut Down Your Expenses In 5 Ways In Nigeria 2019

5 Ways to Cut Down Your Expenses

It’s not a new thing that many big boys, girls, men, and women who are well-known often end up begging because of how they over spent their money when they had it. a case study of how 50 Cent declared bankruptcy this year.

Below are five ways you can actually control the rate at which you spend 

  1. Hold Your Throat:

Gluttony have made many people go broke and as a result of this has led them into many forms of social vices. For instance, a girl in campus whose parents hardly pays her school fees wears different and uses different costly materials like wears, properties and gadgets. Now they question is “where and how does she make her money?” if we go into detailed analysis, you will find out that just very few percentages of them are doing legal business while others engage themselves in campus prostitution popularly known as “RUNS GIRLS” just to mention but a few.

  1. Remove Pride

When you have pride, it makes you appear as if you are Mr. got it all and this can lead you to spending unnecessarily while trying to please people and cover up your fake package.

  1. Don’t Over Do

This is another thing and issue that needs to addressed as people tend to overdo things when it comes to spending as this will make you regret your actions once you go home. Now I ask, have you ever spent any money and ongoing home, you began to regret it? Now learn how to be bold and don’t do or spend more than you can carry.

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  1. You Mustn’t Be The One To Take Care Of The Bills

When you go out with friends, you mustn’t be the one to take care of the bills all the time as. Learn how to spend your money on things that will help you. It’s not bad if everyone can contribute money for the bills. little things like this can really cause you too much spending.

  1. Invest or Open Up a Fixed Deposit Account With Any of The Good Nigerian Banks

When you have extra money that you think is surplus cash at the moment, please invest the money into something that will give you profit in the later time or do yourself the good of rushing into your favorite banks and open a fixed deposit account which you will withdraw at the end of the time the deposit deal expires.

In Nigeria, you can visit any of the bank website listed below and make inquiries on how to open a fixed deposit account:

  • www.sumobank.ng
  • www.diamondbank.com
  • https://www.gtbank.com
  • https://www.firstbanknigeria.com
  • https://www.zenithbank.com
  • www.accessbankplc.com
  • https://www.ecobank.com

and a host of others good Nigerian Banks. by doing this, you will definitely avoid too much spending.




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