How To Stop Spending Your Hard Earned Money On Irrelevant Things That Makes You Broke

The year is running pretty fast again and I have decided to make better use of my money this year, and adopt a stricter savings culture.

We have 365 days in a year, you can smile for just saving a little amount on a consistent basis based on the one that is easy for you. As little as N100 can do magic for you.

See a brief breakdown of how you can achieve great savings this year, even if you started off late.

✅100 naira daily—— 36,500 naira 

✅200 naira daily—— 73,000

✅300 naira daily—— 109,500

✅500 naira daily—— 182,500 

✅1,000 naira daily—— 365,000

✅1500 naira daily—— 547,500

✅2,000 naira daily—— 730,000 

✅2,500 naira daily—— 912,500

✅3,000 naira daily—— 1,095,000

✅3,500 naira daily—— 1,277,500

✅4,000 naira daily—— 1,460,000

✅4,500 naira daily—— 1,642,500

✅5,000 naira daily—— 1,825,000

With this strategy, you’ll see yourself happier at the end of the day, or wouldn’t you want to have this kind of money via savings?

🤔If you cannot make it daily or weekly, the next option is to save that same amount monthly which is very good if you’re a salary earner.

Choose any amount you’re comfortable with. 

For me, I use SumoTrust to save & invest securely. (Formerly SumoBank)

And I also get to earn 10-15% p.a interest for all my savings. (No bank is doing this)

Sign up with my link and get ₦1,000.00 instantly to start your own savings journey: 

Everything is automated and it takes all the stress of walking into the banking hall to transact from you.

You can also download the Sumotrust App from Google PlayStore here and set automated deposits using the AutoSave feature.

Also, avoid the temptation of making careless withdrawals from your SumoTrust account and that will attract charges, aside fro that, everything is FREE.

Like the name sounds, I trust Sumotrust, it’s safe and is in partnership with FlutterWave and a Microfinance bank that is regulated by CBN, you can also do your research.

If you have questions do let me know in the comment section. I’ll be glad to help. 

Say NO to reckless spending and more savings this year.



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