Online Daily Contribution In Nigeria: Best Platform To Use

While the need for people to save and stick to a healthy savings culture is very important right now as the situation of the country isn’t helping matters, it is also important to know which way and best place to go about it.

Nigeria as a country with over 200 million people has more than 50% of the population is in dare poverty and living on less than $2 per day.

It is not easy to make money in Nigeria and saving as well is tough and very easy to spend and over the past decades, there have been traditional Ajo/Akawo companies who have agents that go round everyday to collect daily contributions from customers helping them build amazing savings culture.

This is mostly seen around the marketplaces and cities where people don’t want to go to the bank to make their daily savings.

The problem with these traditional Akawo/Ajo people is that giving them your daily contribution can lead to stories as there have been cases of death of the agent, sudden disappearance and loot of customer’s funds by Ajo agents.

People are scared and need a safe and secure online savings platform that will help them save and invest money without stories.

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This is where you will get to see digital savings platforms like SumoTrust, PiggyVest, CowryWise and all which have over time have proved to be very trusted brands for online daily contributions.

For us at Entrepreneur Platform, we recommend SumoTrust as everyone here at Entrepreneur Platform have used it for over one year and can affirm strongly that it is safe and secure to use.

With SumoTrust, your online daily contribution is automatically done without stress and fear of loss of funds.

It is safe and easy to use… 

All you need to do is; 

  • visit the website at and create a free savings account.
  • Verify your account and link your debit card by clicking on the ‘InstantSave’ button at the main savings wallet or click on Debit card from the account profile section.
  • Click on the AutoSave button from the main savings wallet to activate autosave in your account. Once you’re done, the system automatically debits your card based on your settings and credit in your Sumotrust account either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as you have set it.

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There is also a unique virtual account number provided to you in your Sumotrust account that allows you to make bank transfers from any Nigerian bank into your Sumotrust account.

Funds deposited using the account number option are credited into your Kick wallet and does not yield interest, to earn interest from it, you will need to move the funds into your Main savings or mission savings wallet and select KICK ACCOUNT as your funding source.


There are other amazing online daily contribution platforms. 

The Sumotrust platform has both Android and iOS apps available on Google Playstore and Apple store for your online daily contribution software.



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