6 Social Media Sites for Your Small Business in Nigeria

The rapid growth in social media coverage and usage in Nigeria has been a big blessing to businesses of all magnitude, especially small businesses over the years. As a small business owner in Nigeria, you can leverage the social media to increase your sales, partnerships, reach and net worth.

Business is a game of numbers. If you can convert just a tiny fraction of the billions of people currently active on several social media platforms to prospects, your business can experience a significant boost.

This article lists 6 social media sites you can leverage to grow your small business in Nigeria. Mention is made of their peculiar features and unique advantages.

6 Social Media Sites for Your Small Business in Nigeria

6 Best Social Media Sites for Your Small Business in Nigeria

1. Periscope

Periscope sounds just like what it means. It is a new social media site that helps you get a closer view of a star or the uniqueness of a regular boy or girl next door. The narrative online states that ‘periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of someone else’. I watched a young give a talk that encourages other ladies teaching them ways in which they could improve themselves and she had about 400 listeners on the night that I joined. It was really cool. In Nigeria, the internet is not 100% so it is advisable at go on at night. It was very cute with ‘high fives’ and ‘heart shapes’ and ‘comments’ floating across the screen, pretty interactive.

2. Snapchat

It is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application. Teenagers and young adults are more attracted to Snapchat. A friend explained it to me and it is basically recording videos of yourself where you are talking and just sharing random videos of yourself doing something you think would get a lot of views. I am not too comfortable with it but the millennials are racing into Snapchat with the speed of a bullet. There’s no stopping them.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is a tool that helps you display videos that you have stored via another medium. You can then share the link on any platform for others to visit and see what you have been up to. You can store seminar videos. They might have created it to compete with YouTube but I don’t see it winning even though it is quite popular. There is a special package called Vimeo for business that makes it attractive to business owners.

4. Viber

Viber is an instant messaging app. It allows you to exchange images, video and make free calls to other devices that have Viber downloaded on them. You can also send free messages. It is available. There are over 500 million users but I still think WhatsApp is more popular in Nigeria but we can see how it goes.

5. Vine

It is video entertainment network where the world’s stories are captured, created and remixed. It is a platform that can help personalities get popular really fast. In this platform the users share a 6 second long looping video clips. It is usually used to advertise witty videos or useful ones.

6. Trello

It is a free app that keeps track of everything you do. It is a project management app that will be useful for project managers. It is provided free of charge except you opt out for the free model. The projects are represented by boards, making it similar to Pinterest. It is supported by iPhone, Android and Windows 8.

Benefits of Social Media in Nigeria

Social benefits

It helps you stay in touch with your loved ones.

Serves as a meeting room for family members in other states or in diaspora.

Keeps the users up to date and improves the learning process. A dear friend’s mother chats with her on bbm.

It increases the reach of service organizations and NGOS.

It allows users to market themselves. If you braid hair, you can take a picture of one of your clients and put it up on social media and see how much traction it generates.

Business benefits

It increases brand awareness and gives your brand credibility.

Social media helps in marketing your business.

It increases sales.

It improves customer service because your customers can talk to you about their concerns at the click of a button.

It helps distribute your content.

To blow: It means to become one of the big boys and start earning in millions.

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