Sumotrust University Savings Challenge: Stand the Chance to Win 100k

Sumotrust University Savings Challenge: Stand the Chance to Win 100k

The Sumotrust university savings challenge is an opportunity for Nigerian university students to win N100k by December 10, 2021. Sumotrust is an automated savings and investment platform that helps you save and plan your finances effectively to make better financial decisions. They have been in operations for more than 2 years and are duly registered with the relevant agencies in Nigeria.

Sumotrust university savings challenge

The Sumotrust university savings challenge is a way to help Nigerian university students raise money gradually for their studies. As a student in a Nigerian university, you definitely understand the importance of money in your studies. Most people indeed want to have the money to come to them at once. However, intelligent and wise people understand the need to gather little by little with time. This is the opportunity that Sumotrust is bringing to university students in Nigeria.

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Most times, I hear students ask questions like:

  • How can a student save a lot of money in Nigeria?
  • Do you know how I can save money and not touch it as a student?
  • How can I manage and save money in Nigeria?

The Sumotrust university savings challenge provides you with the perfect answer to the above questions. You only have to understand the importance of building gradually from scratch.

What is Sumotrust University Savings Challenge?

It is an online university savings challenge sponsored by Sumotrust and specifically meant for Nigerian university students. The challenge is to encourage university students to save up to 300,000 Naira between January 2021-December 9, 2021. If you save 1 000 Naira every day, you will have the N300 000 in your account with 2 months to spare. All that is required is your discipline and resolve to attain your goal.

Saving up to N300 000 in your Sumotrust account by December 9, 2021, will make you eligible to win an extra N100 000. This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Another interesting thing to note is that Sumotrust will pay you 10% of your savings at the end of this savings challenge. This means that at the end of this saving challenge on December 9, you will have your principal savings (N300, 000), the 10% interest (N30, 000), and might be one of the lucky 170 students to win the 100K cash prize. Therefore, whichever way it goes, it will be a win-win situation for you.

How To Be Part Of This University Savings Challenge In Nigeria

To register for the Sumotrust university savings challenge in Nigeria, all you need to do is sign up on Sumotrust. If you already have a sumotrust account, navigate to the mission savings section. Search for your university at the search box and join your fellow students on this interesting journey to financial freedom. If you are in Unilag, search for it; if you are in Unizik, ABSU, EBSU, UNN, etc., just search for your school and join the savings challenge and start saving.

Job Offer for School Reps

Aside from the 100K cash prize for 170 students, Sumotrust is also hiring school reps for a one time job. These school reps’ work is to make sure that their schools have at least 100 registered students for the Sumotrust university savings challenge. For each school representative that gets up to 100 registered students, he/she will receive a one-time payment of N50 000. If you wish to represent your school, kindly reach out to Sumotrust customer support on +2348148008091.

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