11 Must See Tourist Attractions in Plateau State

There are nice tourist attractions in Plateau State. The most electrifying thing most individuals have heard about Jos is that there was a certain time, snow fell there. Plateau State is well known as the Home of Peace and Tourism for nothing. It has magnificent houses and few tourist attractions that will thrill both children and adults.

The Tourist attractions in Plateau State

Places That are Tourist Attractions in Plateau State

Here are the 11 places that should be worth visiting with friends and family while in Plateau State.

  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State `1#Shere Hills: This is one of the most exploratory tourist sites in Jos. Highland climbers and hikers that loves the challenge will appreciate a visit to this enormous site as it has the uppermost and most uneven peak of all the mountains that are in Jos.

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  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 2#Wase Rocks: From the peak of this wase rock, have an admirable view of the Wase Town as the rock escalate at about 250 metres or 800 feet from the plane of the town. The magnificent view and tranquility at the peak of the Wase rock make climbing the rock has value.
  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 3#Riyom Rock Formation: This is one of nature’s gems as the edifice of this rock formation is not often seen in the world. It is situated along the Jos Akwanga road, which is about 25 km from Jos, in the heart of Riyom Town.
  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 4#Kurra Falls: This is an artificial waterfall that is electrifying to visit because of its past history and also its beauty. The waterfall is an effect of tin mining activities by indigenous miners in the area. Presently, it serves as a foundation of power as it is being utilized by the Nigerian Electricity Supply Company to generate power supply to industrial and residential areas across the state.

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  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 5#Assop Falls: This waterfall is situated at about 70 km from Jos, beside the Jos Kagoro road. This waterfall takes water from the Assop River and feeds the grasslands and vegetation surrounding the land. It is an excellent site for taking gorgeous, and nature-inspired photos because of the scenery produces a paradise-like illusion.
  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 6#Jos Wildlife Park: This Wildlife is not attached to this park for fancy sake but because of the extensive number of wildlife animals they have on exhibition at tourist delight. It is a perfect place to go with family, friends or one’s loved ones and learn a thing or two about wildlife.
  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 7#Jos Zoological Garden: This recreational facility has an extensive stock of domestic and wildlife animals. It is also a decent place to have a picnic and also take pictures with family and friends.
  •  Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 8#Kurang Volcanic Mountain: This Mountain is situated about 88 km from Jos. The hilltops of the mountain are eroded by springs. It provides the well-known SWAN bottling company with fresh spring water. Guests and locals alike go to the mountain to observe the spring water being produced by nature.

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  •  Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 9#Naraguta Leather Works: This is located in Naraguta Village, Jos Plateau. Naraguta Leather Works was founded by one man but has now become a huge tourist attraction. Visitors can buy exclusive handmade leather items at cheap rates.
  •  Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 10#Solomon Lar Amusement Park: This Park is found at the heart of the capital. It is one of the most serene and beautiful tourist attractions in Jos. The giant trees produce an atmosphere of serenity and many people come here to have picnics, and meditate. It is a good photograph spot and newlyweds can take benefit of this when taking their romantic pictures.
  • Tourist Attractions in Plateau State 11#Jos Museum: This was the first museum to be instituted in Nigeria. It was founded in 1952 by Bernard Fagg. This is also where the Museum of Nigeria for Traditional Architecture is being found. The assembly of terracotta items in their pottery room is another well-meaning site that tells of the wonders of pre-historic Nigeria.