Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Defeat Depression In Nigeria

Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Defeat Depression In Nigeria

Depression can be very detrimental to the success of anybody on earth. A depressed man will always have issues to handle and they could always be counter-productive. We cannot begin to tell you the effects of depression because they are so many. Because of their nature entrepreneurs can defeat depression.

Remember, if you will it, you can have it. There is usually no stopping point for entrepreneurs as they are always willing to keep moving.

The fact that entrepreneurs can defeat depression means that they are also prone to depression. They are always taking risks and it could go wrong and bring depression along with it.

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The best way to actually come out of depression is a quick fix to the cause of the depression. If the cause is not fixed, you could get more depressed.

According to Lending Tree, “when you’re depressed, you’re not productive. When you’re not productive, your business suffers. When your business suffers, your depression deepens. And the cycle continues and can become more insidious with every iteration”.

For entrepreneurs, their business successes are linked to their personal successes and happiness. Therefore, they strive to ensure that they are okay with their businesses so as to be truly happy.

Against all odds, entrepreneurs can defeat depression when they can take certain steps and actions consciously towards that.  It is quite simple if they can work on it.

We shall look at tips that can help you. We are certain that everything is possible and that, particularly, entrepreneurs can defeat depression.

How Entrepreneurs Can Defeat Depression

entrepreneurs can defeat depression

  1. Get help beyond self-help

Depression is one thing you may not handle all on your own. You will need to look beyond self-help as it is one of the ways entrepreneurs can defeat depression.

Don’t get it wrong, self-help is very essential. If you have not consciously made up your mind to defeat depression, you will never defeat no matter the help you get from others. Your willpower is quite essential.

But that is just one aspect of the whole process. You will need others to guide you through the period of depression. They will help you understand the importance of knowing the real important things in life.

Don’t just do it alone. You may never get to the bottom of the whole thing. All you need to do is to explore your options and get the needed help from experts, professionals, and peers.

  1. Get a safe space

It may difficult for you to defeat depression if you are around the place occurrence. Shame is the fuel that ignites depression and you can run away from shame when you are within the same confines of occurrence.

What is necessary is to get therapy and get a break from the cause of the issue. You can meet up with people who have gone through the process, or with experts who can guide you through the situation.

  1. Bridge the gap

There is always a gap between what you have achieved and what you want to achieve. What depression does is to focus on what you have not achieved and creates a big vacuum between that and what you have achieved. The more attention you place there, the more depressed you get because you will view yourself more as a failure than a success.

According to Lending Tree, “Instead, practice the act of looking back, acknowledging and celebrating what you have accomplished. Observe and appreciate every step, big or small, that you’ve taken traveling on the path toward your vision.

With this practice, you’ll see that you’re closer to your goals than your depression wants you to believe. Closing the gap will give you positive, motivating fuel to take more action.”

  1. Stay away from information for a while

One of the ways entrepreneurs can defeat depression is to stay away from information or do what Lending calls embarking on “Information Fast”.

When something unfortunate happens to you and it happens to everybody around you, you might not feel the impact as you would if it was just you.

In our time, there is always the proliferation of information about the successes recorded by people, never mind that some of them are fake, because of technology.

If you are on a downward spiral, the knowledge that some people are progressing amazingly can have its toll on you and deepen the depression.

Just stay away from information for some time so as to fortify yourself and prevent relapsing when you are on track to defeat depression.