How You Can Be An Obstruction To Your Personal Growth

How You Can Be An Obstruction To Your Personal Growth

Life is full of challenges, and the economic system is not in support of most of the outpouring needs for the young graduates. There are men that have wizened up in their private places and decided that they won’t also add to becoming an obstruction to your personal growth.

Instead, they came up with solutions to specifically observed needs for a better society. We have social media with different sites that appear to be cheap and affordable but have their strategic means of earning from the visitors. Starting from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram to different blog sites. And unexpectedly, these men have made billions from this unsuspecting venture.

Now this proves a great challenge to our youths. Instead of going on job hunts with all your high qualifications yet, you are left with disappointments. Or when you secure a job, your salary would be a pittance compared to what a small businessman earns in a week.

Instead of being used by the government or a private organization, start up something with a little capital, put in all diligence, human relation expertise with a positive mindset, then you’re on your way to becoming financially independent.

Please don’t get it twisted. You are not an obstruction to your personal growth because you refused to become an entrepreneur. That is very far from it. After all, some people were born to work for others and there is absolutely nothing anybody can do about that.

Whether you are working for someone or working for yourself, you can still be an obstruction to your personal growth. It is all dependent on how productive you are daily.

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When I listened to Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, he said he pays his senior executives to make few high-quality decisions every day and not a thousand very low-quality decisions. As an individual, you need to make daily decisions and if you want to remove all obstruction to your personal growth, they have to be of high quality.

To prepare for growth, there are three important things you must do. They include the following

Three Steps To Take To Prepare To Stop Being An Obstruction To Your Personal Growth

  1. You must organize your data

Whether you are in a business or having a career somewhere else, it must come to a time where you must take out time to organize your data. Fortunately, that shouldn’t be a problem.

You cannot make an informed decision without first organizing your data. You did be the right decision for the wrong reasons and that will flaw your decision. You must modernize your data collection practices so that you can be attuned to the right decisions. Growth will naturally occur when the right decisions are made with the right data available.

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Like I earlier stated, getting the right data is not as cumbersome as it once was. There are intelligent technologies that will help you get that. a machine can help extract, summarize and interpret complex data from the unstructured stream of data and documents. This can only mean that your communication will be improved and you will customers a better experience.

To help you access that more frequently and easily, you will have to use information management platforms. This platform will aid you in combining data from various sources so as to connect a visualization layer to the data analytics function and to keep disparate but related data systematized and collected.

  1. Your systems have to be integrated

While organizing your data, you must integrate your systems. You can be assured that it may not be a lot of fun to do that but you have got to be aware that it has to be done. Putting it off becomes an obstruction to your personal growth because the more you handle this, the better you become at it.

Keeping different or disparate systems can bring about the downfall of any company, irrespective of size. Handle it and you stand a chance to do better.

  1. Focus on your current users

Deep Patel explained this concept very well. You cannot get new customers or users every time when you lose old ones. You don’t grow. You must keep current users first and then work on getting new ones. In her words;

“Expanding your user base is important, but, first, start your push for growth by driving as much value as possible for your current users. Launch new service lines that add value to existing processes or merge intelligence from the current process to add value to an adjacent process.

As a case in point, Airbnb launched its “Airbnb Experiences” program, which offers an entirely new value proposition to its existing customers. In addition to finding a desirable and affordable place to stay, users can also get exposure to one-of-a-kind activities in the area they are visiting, curated and even designed and hosted by knowledgeable locals.

This new opportunity for immersive experiences offers a compelling addition to the Airbnb service platform and generates actionable supplementary data in the process. Assuming Airbnb will have organized and utilized this data in the ways described above, it will have provided an admirable example of an effective growth strategy at work — evidenced by the company’s 2,500 percent year-over-year bookings growth since launch.

If your own organization isn’t digital and data-driven, then you’re working in the past, and you’re not ready to expand. On the other hand, if your organization is able to harness and consolidate your data, integrate your systems and focus on a value-added approach to expanded offerings, then you are poised to grow rapidly.”


Written and sent to Entrepreneur Nigeria by Ijeoma Ezekwem Esther.




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