How To Start Antelope Farming Business In Nigeria: A Complete Guide

How To Start Antelope Farming Business In Nigeria: A Complete Guide

Antelope farming

Antelope farming might sound strange to the average Nigerian farmer, but it is actually a big and good investment considering the demand. There has been an increase and growth in the game breeding industry in Nigeria. You can start this antelope farming business while still going about your jobs and other activities. It is very advisable that you consult experts in the antelope farming business in order to be better positioned to succeed.

Although antelope farming business in Nigeria needs the right information, it is not as stressful as many people think. If you go around your neighborhood, you will see that there are rarely antelope farms around. This only affirms the fact that this business is still not popular in Nigeria, although the profit potential is very huge. The antelope farming business will not only provide meat for consumption, but it also provides raw materials for manufacturing industries.

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The purpose of this article is to provide you with all the necessary information on how to start antelope farming business in Nigeria. Gazelle farming and deer farming in Nigeria are all lucrative and profitable, same with antelope farming business. Good farm training in Nigeria is very essential for antelope farmers as well as farmers engaging in gazelle farming and deer farming in Nigeria.

Antelopes are relatively bush animals that belong to the family Bovidae and they are mostly found in the African continent. You can find them on different habitats ranging from the savannah to grassland and dry scrubland.

Why Antelope Farming In Nigeria?

You may be asking why you should invest your money in antelope farming business in Nigeria. Well, the answer is quite simple and straight; antelope farming is lucrative and profitable and less capital intensive compared to cattle rearing. According to Prince Arinze Onebunne, the managing director of Jovana farms, his farm is promoting antelope farming because it produces high-quality meat and leather. It is much easier to start and maintain that cattle farming business.

For instance, cattle select a limited number of grass species but antelopes choose a very wide range. This implies that you will find it easier to feed your antelopes than a cattle farmer in Nigeria. Antelopes are also more resistant to diseases and almost if not all of them are resistant to trypanosomiasis the disease transmitted by the tse-tse fly.

The cost of starting antelope farming business is far less than the amount you would spend in starting cattle rearing business in Nigeria. With about N350, 000, you can start your antelope farming in Nigeria with a family of antelope called a pair. You can choose to rear them in a pen or free-range depending on your location and environment.

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The export potential of antelopes has made antelope farming business very profitable and very lucrative as well. Aside from their meat and tourist attraction purposes, the tanned skin of antelopes can be exported to India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Spain, and China. The wealthy individuals use the hides as fashion accessories.

Requirements For Starting Your Antelope Farming Business In Nigeria

Below are the important requirements you need to put in place before starting your antelope rearing business in Nigeria. They include:

  • Have a well-detailed business plan

Before venturing into antelope farming business, you need to make out time to gather information about the business. In doing so, you will need to put together a business plan on how to go about starting your business. With your antelope farming business plan, you will know about the market dynamics, your financial projections, marketing strategy, etc.

The business plan will also improve your chances of accessing government agricultural loans and grants. Private investors will be more ready to invest in your business when you have a business plan in hand. Without a business plan, your business certainly has no long term agenda.

  • Site selection and preparation

You first have to select the location to build your antelope farm building. Once you have selected the location, the next task is to build the pen that will house your antelopes. You need to ensure that the pens are fenced, dry, warm, and with relatively wide windows. It is advisable that you build the pens in such a way that the antelopes can move around the fenced area and return back to the pens at the night.

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  • Feeding your antelopes

Although antelopes feed on buds, shoots, leaves, roots, tubers, grasses, etc in the wild, when you domesticate them, ensure to provide them with fresh green vegetables, forage, grass, etc. There are also formulated antelope pellets or feeds that you can buy for your antelopes. Feeding your antelopes with the right proportion of food goes a very long way in influencing the success of your antelope farming business.

  • The market dynamics

You need to understand how the antelope market works in Nigeria before you venture into the business. Aside from selling the antelope for meat and other industrial uses, there are lots of ways you can make money from your animals. For instance, you can sell to the zoo, game reserves, holiday resorts, children amusement parks, research institutes, just to mention but a few. You can also sell to hotels and restaurants as many Nigerians love the taste of antelope meals.

It will also interest you to know that there is a very high demand for the hides of antelope far more than they are for goats, alligators, sheep, etc.

There is no better time to venture antelope rearing, gazelle farming or deer farming in Nigeria than now. Why not join the movement and start making money for yourself? Now is not the time to be depending on another person to bail you out of poverty in Nigeria.


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