The Goldmine Of Bitter Leaf Farming Business In Nigeria: How To Start

The Goldmine Of Bitter Leaf Farming Business In Nigeria: How To Start

Bitter leaf farming

Bitter leaf farming business in Nigeria has the potential to make you a millionaire if you know how to go about the business. Agriculture is the way to go in Nigeria currently, you only need to identify your niche and stick to it. Bitter leaf farming in Nigeria is a very good agribusiness investment that you need to look into.

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Vegetable farming is easy and cheap to start but with very great profit potential.  There are many lucrative and profitable agricultural businesses you can start and bitter leaf farming business is one. The bitter leaf, scientifically called Vernonia amygdalina is a popular vegetable in Nigeria that is consumed by all. You can carry out your bitter leaf farming in Nigeria in any location within the country.

This very lucrative vegetable can be grown in any environment provided you provide it with all necessary requirements. There are many ways on how to use bitter leaf vegetable. You can use the vegetable for the preparation of soups and other local dishes. It will interest you to also know that bitter leaf extracts are very useful in the pharmaceutical industry.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with all relevant information regarding the bitter leaf farming business in Nigeria. The good thing about the bitter leaf farming business is that you don’t need to have any special skill. It is also less prone to disease attack, unlike other vegetables like Ugu, waterleaf, ewedu, etc.

How Profitable is Bitter Leaf Farming in Nigeria?

Considering the different ways on how to use bitter leaf, it shows that the market for the vegetable is huge. So, if you invest in bitter leaf farming business in Nigeria, there is a guarantee you will make good money. In Nigeria, there is general acceptability of the vegetable for the making of soups and other delicacies. There is no eatery or restaurant you will go to in Nigeria without them having bitter leaf soup.

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Aside from being consumed as food, bitter leaf vegetable is also used in the pharmaceutical industries for their extracts. This means you can supply your bitter leaf to these pharmaceutical industries at a very good rate. For the fact there are different ways on how to use bitter leaf means that there is a huge market for the vegetable.

Requirements For Starting Bitter Leaf Farming In Nigeria

Before starting your bitter leaf business in Nigeria, there are certain requirements you need to put in place.  So, for your commercial bitter leaf business in Nigeria, ensure the things listed below are put in place. They will certainly improve your chances at success in the agribusiness venture.

  • Well-detailed business plan

Before you venture into bitter leaf farming business in Nigeria, ensure you have a very good business plan in place. This will ensure you don’t leave any stone unturned while starting your bitter leaf business in Nigeria. The business plan will ensure you know all there is to know about bitter leaf farming in Nigeria.

Aside from serving as your guide, the bitter leaf farming business plan will also improve your chances of accessing loans. For instance, you cannot access the federal government loans and grants for agriculture without a good business plan. Private financial institutions like banks and organizations like the Tony Elumelu Foundation all require a business plan. So, in order to stand a better chance at accessing loans for your bitter leaf business in Nigeria, you need a business plan.

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  • Site selection and preparation

After you must have put your bitter leaf farming business plan together, the next step is to get the farmland to start the business. Loamy soil that is rich in organic matter is ideal for your bitter leaf farming business. You should go for the land with good water retaining ability and not prone to erosion.  After you have selected the farmland, the next step is to clear and till the land.

The land should have good sunshine by cutting down trees that might prevent them from gaining access to sunlight. You can either till the land or make a bed or ridge for the bitter leaf vegetable.

  • Planting your bitter leaf vegetable

You need to get bitter leaf plant stems either from the market or from your neighbor in the business already. Whichever way you choose, make sure you are using the healthy and viable bitter leaf stems. It is advisable that you cut the stem when you are already on the farm planting them. If you cut the bitter leaf stem beforehand, there is every tendency you make the mistake of planting the stem upside down.

You should cut the stem to about 6” while planting. The mature part of the bitter leaf stem is to be cut and planted.

  • Caring for your bitter leaf vegetable

After planting your bitter leaf stems, the next step is to take care of them while they grow. Although the bitter leaf vegetable can survive without much care; but you need to ensure that everything is in place. One of the things you need to do is make sure that termites don’t eat up the shoot. You also need to make sure that pests and animals do not feed on the young and fresh stems. It is also important that you water the plants when necessary.

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It is also important that you weed the farmland to allow your vegetable to flourish and develop properly.

  • Harvesting your bitter leaves

It takes bitter leaf about 4 months to reach maturity and ready for harvest. When harvesting your bitter leaf, you can simply cut the leaves from the stem. Having a very good marketing strategy will help you in making good money from this bitter leaf farming in Nigeria. You can sell in the local market to restaurants, hotels, eateries, etc. Bitter leaf can also be exported to Europe and America for huge profits.


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