How To Start Scent Leaf Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide

How To Start Scent Leaf Farming Business In Nigeria: Your Complete Guide

Scent leaf farming

Scent leaf farming business has the potential to fetch you hundreds of thousands of naira within a few months if you know how to go about it. In fact, vegetable farming business is generally very lucrative in Nigeria. There is no amount of vegetable you can produce in Nigeria that will be enough for the very high demand witnessed in this country.

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Scent leaf farming can be done in any region of Nigeria as the environmental conditions of the country are favorable. The scent is called Nchanwu in Igbo, Daidoya in Hausa, and Efirin in Yoruba. This very lucrative vegetable in Nigeria is used in the preparation of many delicacies like pepper soup, Ofe Akwu, and yam porridge.  These are just to mention but a few of the numerous uses of the scent leaf in Nigeria.

Although scent leaf farming is very profitable and lucrative in Nigeria, commercial scent leaf farming is very low in Nigeria. It makes you wonder what could be the cause of such apathy towards scent leaf farming business in Nigeria. Well, it might just be ignorance on the part of Nigerian vegetable farmers towards the business.

The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to start your scent leaf farming business in Nigeria. This article provides you with all the necessary information and guidance on how to start scent leaf farming.

The Profitability of Scent Leaf Farming In Nigeria

Generally, vegetable farming is very lucrative in Nigeria especially when you indulge in dry season vegetable farming in Nigeria. Sometimes in 2016, there was news that the United Kingdom had contacted the Anambra state government to supply scent leaf. This means that scent leaf is not only consumed locally but you can also export the vegetable. Aside from the use of the vegetable as a spice, you can also sell it cottage industries.

You can also sell fresh extracts of the scent leaf vegetable to herbal hospitals that rely on the product for treating their patients. It is believed to be a major component of insecticides as they help to ward off insects. In fact, there are many ways to market your scent leaf vegetable in Nigeria but you have to be in the business first. It is high time you started considering scent leaf farming or any other vegetable farming business in Nigeria. Scent leaf production business in Nigeria is one of the few agribusinesses that guarantee quick returns on investment.

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You can decide to sell it in the open markets, supply to restaurants, hotels or even package them for export. Whichever way you take, there is the certainty of making a good profit from your scent leaf production business. It is more profitable when you indulge in dry season vegetable farming in Nigeria. Within the dry season, vegetable supply in Nigeria is always in an all-time low and providing it at this time comes with great profit.

Requirements For Starting Your Scent Leaf Farming Business In Nigeria

In order to be successful in your scent leaf farming agribusiness investment, there are certain things you must do. These very essential and important requirements include the following:

  • Have a well-detailed scent leaf farming business plan

This is only when you are considering commercial scent leaf production business. You will not need a business plan to cultivate scent leaf in your backyard garden for personal consumption.  It is within your business plan that you are going to have your market research, marketing strategy, SWOT analysis, financial projections, etc. It’s risky to venture into commercial scent leaf farming business without a good business plan.

Your business plan can also help you to access government agricultural loans, thereby helping get capital for the business. There is also no private investor that will consider your scent leaf production business if you don’t have a business plan. So, you can see that having a business plan is very vital and essential to the success of any business.

  • Site selection and preparation

When selecting the farmland for your scent leaf production business, it is always advisable you go for the relatively swampy areas. The soil should be loamy and rich in organic matter for optimal growth and development of scent leaf. Commercial scent leaf cultivation requires a large expanse of land although you can start with at least 5 plots. You can expand your business from there; it all will depend on your plan.

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After selecting the farmland for your scent leaf production business, the next step is to till and plow the ground. The tiling is to enhance the planting of the scent leaf vegetable by allowing the root to easily gain access into the ground.

  • Planting your scent leaf

Just as you would plant other vegetables like ugu, spinach, eggplant, etc; same way you go about planting your scent leaf vegetable. As I stated earlier, it is more lucrative to plant scent leaf so that you can supply during the dry season. Carrying out your scent leaf cultivation business between September and March will earn you more money. You only need to ensure that there is adequate irrigation system when carrying out dry season vegetable farming business.

  • Pest and disease control

The major challenge in starting and earning good money from scent leaf farming business in Nigeria is pest control. If you can be able to properly carry out pest and disease control in your scent leaf vegetable farm, you are set. You should seek for human-friendly pesticides that will help control the attack of pests on your vegetable farm.

  • Your marketing strategy

It is not enough to produce wonderful and fresh scent leaf vegetables; you need to have an efficient way of marketing it. Without a good marketing strategy, you can still have your vegetable spoiling in your farm. So, having a good marketing strategy is very essential to the high-profit potential of your agribusiness investment.


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