5 Effective Ways to Market Your Business in Nigeria

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Business marketing is where most people get it wrong. They tend to overlook it entirely or under do it; both are costly mistakes that will significantly reduce how much you make in a fiscal year. Let’s map out a clear-cut definition of what exactly business marketing is; business marketing basically means putting your business out there for the world to see and notice. It means telling anyone and everyone about your business any chance you get. The more strategic marketing schemes are aimed at reaching as many people as possible.

This article explores five effective ways to market your business in Nigeria or anywhere else.

  1. Business Marketing # Let your brand deliver; to trigger the recommendations

Top notch quality products speak for themselves. People will tell their friends, colleagues, family members and basically anyone who cares to listen about your product or brand if it turns out to be the top-notch quality you posted it to be. For example, if you bought a footwear that lasted you a really long time, you would gladly recommend it to someone else to buy. Same way if you ate at a restaurant that served perfect food, you’ll gladly recommend the said restaurant to a friend that wanted to buy food. The probability of people recommending your business to other people lies on how great your business is. So the first step to building a strong marketing strategy is making sure your brand delivers what it promises. If you run a dry cleaning service then make sure you give people back squeaky clean and well-ironed clothes. If you run a restaurant then asking for a second serving should be what people do after they have the first taste. The point is to let the quality of your brand speak for itself. If what you give people is not quality, no other form of advertisement will help you. Why? Because customers will not see a reason to keep patronizing you.

  1. Business Marketing # Advertise

Use any form of advertisement available; radio advertisements, television advertisements, using posters. The aim is to bring the existence of your product or service to the attention of as many people as possible using one or as many media as possible. Advertising should be aimed at making potential customers or clients aware of this product or service you have in the market.

  1. Business Marketing # Use Influencers

Simply put; influencers are people who are in a position to influence other people. An influencer can be a friend, family member, social media contact or a celebrity; an influencer is basically anyone in the position to influence the decision or choice of any other person or people. Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that puts focus on the influencer rather than on the target audience or market as a whole. Influencer marketing involves going beyond the customers to identifying the people that have a significant influence on the customers and making the marketing all about them.  Influencer marketing content or strategy can be in form of a testimony, recommendation or review from the influencer to his or her audience.

  1. Business Marketing # Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing that is performance based. With this marketing, the business owner rewards the marketer based on how many people bought the said product because of his recommendation. This means if you got an affiliate marketing scheme for your business, you have to pay the marketers a commission each time you are patronized because of the marketer’s recommendation. The most common method of using this marketing strategy is by using blog owners that blog about things in the same niche as you. For example, if your products are cosmetics then the person to meet would be a makeup or beauty blogger. You can also use YouTube channels for affiliate marketing.

  1. Business Marketing # Social media

Social media marketing here involves you or whomever you contract it out to. First, you would have to put your business on social media. You can manage the social media account yourself or contract it out to an expert social media handler. It could be Twitter, Facebook or Instagram; the aim should be to tell as many people as possible about your business and also to keep in touch with your clients or customers.

Like i said earlier, the most important ingredient to marketing is building a business that can stand and pass any test. Even if you invest millions in marketing and finally get thousands of people to patronize your business, if what they paid for is not quality, they will definitely not keep patronizing you. So reaching out to people is one part, the other part is giving them a product or service that will make them stay loyal to your business.