All Entrepreneurs Are Psychos; Gudtalent Chrisent Claims

All Entrepreneurs Are Psychos; Gudtalent Chrisent Claims

 It’s not a new thing that entrepreneurs are all psychopaths. This claim this time is  as controversial as posts I made some time ago, which says  “SEO is for broke bloggers and “Entrepreneurs are the laziest set of people in the world

Frankly speaking, entrepreneurs are great people because they change the world, even the businessmen and the average human acknowledges that.

Without entrepreneurs, the world would inevitably remain in doldrums.

Things changes because entrepreneurs disrupt the present and bring the future to reality. So for me, each time I hear the word “disruptive entrepreneur”, I  envisage someone with high potentials of change. What’s currently in vogue is around and believe me, business people within the sector always suffer the hell out of it.

From the entrepreneur’s view, life is sweet because they are psycho entrepreneurs thinking outside the box to change the way people think.

From a business man’s view, there are new opportunities to tap on and make money with on a consistent basis

And from an  average man’s view, life is sweet because new and better things are invented everyday

According to Forbes, “Psychopaths make great CEOs” and “The World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Definitely Have Psychopathic Tendencies” 

I made an update about this claim on my Facebook wall and it got mindboggling responses.  Below is the exact lines of Ayodeji Onabanjo;.

“Going by the fact that Entrepreneurs act in a bizarre and dangerous manner could have been the justification for this claim.

Though this claim is never new. It has been long established that many successful entrepreneurs are psychopaths. Though they are not prone to violence and criminal offenses as popularly known for people with personality disorder and with no moral conscience.

Entrepreneurs are unconventional in style. They always have and explore an opposite perspective to an issue.

They love to disrupt the marketplace especially when there is a relative calm and everyone seems to be following suite.

Entrepreneurs find it difficult to adhere to the accepted norm or standard…..always looking out for innovative ideas for improved productivity and performances”.

Below are the reasons why Entrepreneurs are Spycophants.

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are Tagged As Psychopaths

1.     They think and Act differently

If you have ever come across any entrepreneur (not businessman) you will see they think differently. Most of the time, they act differently too. Their different thinking does not mean they are mentally instable, but because they see and think above average that average brain can never think, the average brains having the greater population begins to see them as weird people.

Let’s look at the some of the top entrepreneurs today.

·        Steve Jobs

steve jobs of apple

Who on earth won’t see anyone thinking of compressing telephone to a mobile device as sick person who need medical attention? Well, that has always been the dreams of late Steve Jobs; the Founder of Apple Inc.

Not everyone was thinking that way and because Steve Jobs thinks differently, he’s definitely be tagged as Psycho who is thinking of the impossible before it came to reality.

·        Mark Zuckerberg

facebook ceo, mark zuckberberg

When Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and founder of Facebook tells you he want to connect the world together back then, you will definitely think he’s insane because it’s virtually impossible to get the whole world connected on one platform. Mark is currently doing that with Facebook. That was one of the reasons why only 2 showed up out of the 5 people he invited to discuss a new business opportunity then in Harvard. Although Joe Green being one of the guys that turned down the offer already stated his reasons for not honoring Mark’s invitation.

·        Jack Ma

jack ma

Though his first two ventures failed, coupled with numerous failures and rejections, four years later he gathered 17 of his friends in his apartment and convinced them to invest in his vision for an online marketplace he called “Alibaba.” The site allowed exporters to post product listings that customers could buy directly. Alibaba is currently doing what Amazon is doing in China.

If you’re free, you can watch this 2 Minutes clip of when Ma was trying to convince 17 of his friends in 1999.



Source:  Mother Ship

·        And our very own Chris Kwekowe

chris kwekowe

Remember the young man that turned down Job offer from Bill Gates In 2016? He’s Chris Kwekowe, Founder, and CEO of SlateCube.

Trust me, He is definitely one of the serious young psychos in Nigeria that we’re all watching out for.

Ask and average Nigerian what he/she would have done, he will tell you he’s grabbing the opportunity without wasting time, now, ask the same person their take on Chris’s decision, they will tell you the young man is a sick psycho.

I asked a friend this exact question and he said: “Who is he to turn down Bill Gates’ offer and how much is he making from his SlateCube start-up”?

No one will see him reasonable until SlateCube starts getting international traction and eventually goes into a multi-million dollar company if not billions.

2.     Follows Principles They Lay For Themselves.

Entrepreneurs are highly principled and it guides them towards their day to day activities. Although some of these principles tend to be a general rule of success like

·        Time management

·        Association and communication

·        Appearance

·        Flexibility with changes

They still craft out their own rules that guide them within the principles. They follow principles that will go in line with their style all the time.

3.     Breaking Rules All The Time

In every society, they are rules that guide the people, anyone who breaks these rules always end up having problems with the law.

In the world of business, there are certain rules for success especially when it comes to business creation. Entrepreneurs break these rules of business creation with new innovations and end up getting tons of other people to their side by making them see reasons to buy into their new Ideas/Start-up.


Being an entrepreneur is a great thing because they change and disrupt the world with innovations. Because they are different and change the way people think over time, they are always misunderstood and tagged as psychopath but at the end, they are the ones that make the real sense.

Note: There is a clear difference between being an entrepreneur and being a businessman.